Revit Structure or Revit Architecture – Which Is Ideal for Civil Engineers?

Several Autodesk Certified Training Centres (ATCs) offer Revit BIM training courses in Revit Architecture and Revit Structure for civil engineers. However, which one is an ideal choice based on their career goals? Here are a few points that help in making the right choice. A structural designer with work experience in the structural design field 

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How Important Is it for an Architect to Learn BIM Architecture?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has emerged as the go-to process for AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) firms. One reason for this is that BIM enables seamless collaboration between teams through cloud-based tools, which helps AEC firms deliver top-notch project output. On completion of their professional courses, architects look for project experience before applying for a job. 

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Construction Companies Can Upgrade Employee Skills with Online Revit Courses

Construction companies are on a constant lookout for diverse projects. However, to take on these projects, they must ensure that their employees are equipped with the right software skills. Grey Edge, an Autodesk Certified Training Centre (ATC), offers Revit lessons online through their instructor-led and video-led online Revit courses. These two modes of learning ensure 

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How to Benefit from Grey Edge’s Architectural BIM Course

We all prefer following a process that makes our life easy. Most AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) firms too rely on the BIM (Building Information Modelling) process for timely project delivery. As Revit is a BIM-compliant software, many AEC students and professionals seek online Revit courses for beginners to understand the BIM process. Grey Edge, an 

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Photo-Realistic 3D Rendering Process

  As the name suggests, this infographic takes you through the process of photorealistic rendering right from modelling a structure to post-production of render elements. Grey Edge specialises in offering 3DS Max Training Courses Mumbai and by enrolling in these courses, students have bright prospects when it comes to applying for Visualization Jobs Mumbai.