Criteria For Student Of The Month

Every month, Grey Edge trainers select a student for the ‘Student of the Month’ award. The selection criterion is based on the parameters such as project work evaluation, workbook exercises, score of assessment tests and attendance. Enrol with Grey Edge’s Revit Structure training courses and architectural internship courses to be eligible to receive our ‘Student 

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Different Types of Schedules in Revit Structure

If you happen to pass by a construction site, you may have noticed a metallic structure being erected. This metallic structure acts as the skeleton of the building. The skeleton of a building plays a significant role in the construction process. The strength of a building and its ability to withstand unforeseen weather calamities will 

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Photo-Realistic 3D Rendering Process

  As the name suggests, this infographic takes you through the process of photorealistic rendering right from modelling a structure to post-production of render elements. Grey Edge specialises in offering 3DS Max Training Courses Mumbai and by enrolling in these courses, students have bright prospects when it comes to applying for Visualization Jobs Mumbai.

High Paying Revit Jobs In Mumbai

Autodesk Revit is a software used by architects, structural engineers, construction engineers and interior designers. It supports collaborative designs. Revit is used to analyse structures, simulate systems and execute plans in a systematic way. It generates documentation used to explain the final structure to clients. Revit allows members of other engineering departments to collaborate with 

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Robot Structural Analysis Training in Mumbai

Autodesk’s Robot Structural Analysis course benefits civil engineers and structural engineers. The course provides an in-depth understanding of building simulation and analysis tools. Students apply their intellect while receiving sound insight into concrete and steel design so that those on the job can easily visualise and apply the same concepts. The course enhances computational analytical 

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Revit Structural Training Courses for Civil Engineers

Revit structural training courses are helpful for those studying structural analysis. In general, civil engineers seek such courses to leverage their potential and provide a better understanding of the subject. Revit courses help students create complete structural models featuring beams, columns, foundations and floors. It defines load and load combinations. It assists in identifying the 

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Types of Revit Families

This infographic attempts to explain the different types of Revit Families which can be created using Revit Software. Each family explains what kind of output it will provide. Grey Edge offers Revit Structure Training Courses and Revit Architecture Training Courses Mumbai if you want to learn more about Revit.

Guideline For Those Who Are Looking Out For Revit Jobs In Mumbai

Revit is an architectural/MEP/Structural design software created by Autodesk. It is used by architects & Engineers to study Building Information Modelling (BIM). Revit courses have become popular in engineering, architecture and construction. It helps to convert a concept into an easy-to-understand design on a piece of paper. The software helps clients to visualise the actual 

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Should A Civil Engineer Learn Revit

As a civil engineer, you are required to design well. A civil engineer’s tasks involve plenty of design tasks of structures and materials. You have to employ your technical skills, apply your knowledge and use both new and existing tools to create brilliant designs. After the drawing of the construction is approved, it is possible 

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