Which AutoCAD Courses Can I Learn in 3 Weeks?

As 2020 nears its end, markets seem to be healing at a steady pace. If things go right from here on, job opportunities may finally open up, and professionals can begin chasing their goals again. Before markets open up, it is important that professionals bring their best skills to the interview table. This is possible through industry-relevant online courses.  

Many professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry may have faced or are still facing a certain amount of downtime in their projects. If this is taken as an opportunity for growth, professionals starting out in the AEC industry can acquire new software skills. This way, when projects start coming in, professionals can bring their best software skills forward and deliver much more than their expected potential in their assigned projects.  

Autodesk Authorised Training Centres (ATCs) have designed short-term architectural drafting courses online to help individuals learn AutoCAD 2D Architecture from the comfort of their homes. Grey Edge, an ATC, has designed 3 short-term video-led online training courses in AutoCAD 2D Architecture. These courses include a soft copy of theory notes, online practical sessions with the trainer for answering course-related questions and offer practice tests to grasp the course content in detail. The three online architectural drafting courses are: 

  1. AutoCAD 2D (Comprehensive)

This four-week complete AutoCAD 2D Architecture course teaches participants the basics of AutoCAD. Learn how to use basic drafting tools to create plans, elevations, sections and layer management and to plot designs, using AutoCAD. On course completion, participants can apply for CAD jobs with designations such as AutoCAD draftsmen/draughtsmen, AutoCAD technicians, CAD technicians, etc. Some topics covered in this course are:  

  • Introduction to Autodesk AutoCAD 
  • Draw Tool 
  • Modify Tools 
  • Object Properties 
  • Layer Management 
  • Multiline Command 
  • Inquiry Commands 
  • Working with Hatches 
  • Page Setup and Plotting 
  • Layout Management
  1. AutoCAD 2D (Essentials)

Some professionals may be aware of the basics in AutoCAD but may want to hone their software skills. In this course, participants can revisit AutoCAD to learn its essential tools in detail. Through this course, participants will learn how to create 2D drawings (plans, elevations and sections) for architectural and interior spaces. Explore crucial AutoCAD tools, such as ‘Draw Tool’, ‘Modify Tools’, ‘Object Properties’, ‘Layer Management’ and much more. On completion of this course, participants can apply for AutoCAD jobs with 2D draftsmen designations. Some topics covered in this course are:    

  • Object Properties 
  • Layer Management 
  • Multiline Command 
  • Inquiry Commands 
  • Working with Hatches 
  • Text 
  • Table 
  • Dimensions 
  • Page Setup and Plotting
  1. AutoCAD 2D (Advanced)    

Staying updated with the newly introduced features in a software tool is a must for AEC professionals. AutoCAD professionals can stay updated on the latest tools introduced in AutoCAD through this video-led online course offered by Grey Edge. In this course, participants will learn how to create detailed 2D drawings (plans, elevations, sections and perspectives) of architectural and interior spaces with advanced tools. On completion of this course, participants can apply for AutoCAD jobs with senior 2D draftsmen designations, who handle project troubleshooting and management review. Some topics covered in this course are:    

  • Groups and Blocks 
  • Site Design 
  • Leaders 
  • Design Center 
  • Isometric 
  • Filter, Quick Select and Renaming 
  • Constraints 
  • External Reference 
  • Data Tools 
  • MSlide 
  • E-Transmit 
  • Important Express Tools 
  • Layout Management 

Grey Edge, an ATC, offers these video-led architectural drafting courses online with a view to ensuring that participants who complete any of these courses will be confident to handle AutoCAD projects from diverse industries. Each course is designed carefully to address the participant’s specific professional requirement. For any course-related query, visit https://www.grey-edge.com/i-learn/ or WhatsApp +91 7304942079.

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Vijayalaxmi Shetty

Trainer at Grey Edge
Vijayalaxmi is a specialist in CAD/BIM training and has a total of 5 years of training experience. She likes to read and discuss about the industry updates. She loves reading books and listening to music.

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