AutoCAD 2D – Architecture (Advanced)


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AutoCAD 2D – (Advanced)


About This Course

As Autodesk releases a new software version every year with new tools and features, this online AutoCAD 2D course provides participants with an opportunity to stay abreast with the latest AutoCAD tools. Learn how to create detailed 2D Drawings (Plans, Elevations, Sections & Perspectives) of Architectural and Interior spaces with advance tools.

In this course, participants will learn key topics of AutoCAD 2D – Architectural such as ‘Groups and Blocks’, ‘Attributes’, ‘Leaders’, ‘Design Center’, ‘Constraints, ‘External Reference’ and much more. Participants can undertake online MCQ practice tests to grasp the course content in detail. Moreover, course counsellors can assist participants for any technical support required during the course.

Future Scope of This Course

On completing this course, students and professionals can apply for AutoCAD jobs with Senior 2D Draftsmen designation who handle project troubleshooting and management review.

Who Can Take This Course?

Candidates interested in this course must know Architectural terminology.

Course Content

Below are the topics covered in the course AutoCAD 2D – Architecture (Advanced)

Sr.  No Topic / Sub Topic Total Course Duration
02H : 29M : 37S



2.0Groups & Blocks00.50.39

2.1Creating Groups 04:59

2.2Introduction to Blocks 03:09

2.3Creating & Inserting Block 11:18

2.4Block Editor & Tool Palette 05:29

2.5Creating Dynamic Block – I 17:28

2.6Creating Dynamic Block – II 10:25

2.7Write Block 01:51

3.0Site Design00.20.35

3.1Defining Attribute  09:02

3.2Managing Attributes 06:22

3.3Enhanced Attribute Extractor 05:11


4.1Adding Multileader & Multileader Edit 03:15

4.2Creating Multileader Style 02:27

4.3Using Multi Leader Collect & Multi Leader Align 03:28

5.0Design Center00.02.24

5.1Importing Drawing Standards 02:24


6.1Creating Isometric Drawings04:19

7.0Filter, Quick Select & Renaming00.08.12

7.1Using Filter & Quick Select07:06

7.2Using Renaming Command01:06


8.1Adding Geometric Constraint03:44

8.2Adding Dimensional Constraint03:35

9.0External Reference 00.15.37

9.1Attaching External File06:36

9.2Using Reference Type02:15

9.3Managing Link 04:43

9.4Relocating Missing External File02:03

10.0Data Tools00.04.29

10.1Embedding 02:57

10.2Creating Hyperlink01:32


11.1Creating & Viewing Slide03:08


12.1Packaging File using E-Transmit02:30

13.0Important Express Tools00.06.08

13.1Using Important Express Tools06:08

14.0Layout Management00.09.12

14.1Creating Layouts01:01

14.2Page Setup02:41

14.3Managing Views05:30



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