AutoCAD 2D – Architecture (Essentials)


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AutoCAD 2D – (Essentials)


About This Course

Grey Edge’s AutoCAD 2D – Architecture (Essentials) online training course is designed to include vital tools of AutoCAD. Through this course, participants will learn how to create 2D Drawings (Plans, Elevations & Sections) for Architectural and Interior spaces. Explore crucial AutoCAD tools such as ‘Draw Tool’, ‘Modify Tools’, ‘Object Properties’, ‘Layer Management’ and much more.

In this AutoCAD 2D online training course, participants can undergo online MCQ practice tests and refer to soft copy of theory notes to understand the course content in-depth.

Future Scope of This Course

On completion of the course, participants can apply for AutoCAD jobs with 2D Draftsmen designation.

Who Can Take This Course?

Candidates interested in this course must know Architectural terminology.

Course Content

Below are the topics covered in the course AutoCAD 2D – Architecture (Essentials)

Sr.  No Topic / Sub Topic Total Course Duration
04H : 21M : 43S



2.0Introduction to Autodesk AutoCAD00.24.56

2.1Understanding GUI Preview03:34

2.2Start-Up Page & Unit Setup 02:40

2.3Understanding Coordinate System 08:01

2.4Using Navigation Tools 02:06

2.5Drafting Settings & Status Toggles 08:35

3.0Draw Tool00.51.33

3.1Using Line, Circle, Rectangle & Polygon Command 15:08

3.2Types of Arc 11:00

3.3Using Ellipse Command 07:20

3.4Using Polyline Command 10:25

3.5Using Spline, XLine & Ray Command 07:40

4.0Modify Tools01.04.44

4.1Selection Methods, Erase, Move, Rotate & Copy10:04

4.2Using Scale, Offset, Break, Join & Explode16:23

4.3Using Stretch, Mirror, Trim, Extend, Chamfer & Fillet15:01

4.4Using Array10:43

4.5Using Donut, Point, Divide, Measure, From & Lengthen12:33

5.0Object Properties00.14.10

5.1Working with Object Properties14:10

6.0Layer Management00.23.11

6.1Understanding Layers08:52

6.2Using Group Filter & Property Filter06:27

6.3Using Layer Tools & Layer States Manager07:52

7.0Multiline Command00.10.15

7.1Creating Multiline & Multiline Style10:15

8.0Inquiry Commands00.07.15

8.1Using Distance, ID, List & Area07:15

9.0Working with Hatches00.12.59

9.1Using Hatch & Gradient 12:59

10.0Text 00.10.35

10.1Adding Text  & Creating Text Style10:35


11.1Creating Table  & Table Style09:16


12.1Introduction to Dimensions 02:08

12.2Adding Dimensions 07:33

12.3Dimension Associate, Disassociate & Reassociate 04:16

12.4Editing Dimensions 05:35

12.5Dimension Style 06:51

13.0Page Setup & Plotting00.04.41

13.1Setting & Plotting Page Layout04:41

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