Certificate Course In CSS

CSS Training Mumbai


Grey Edge offers a Certificate Course in Website Design – CSS for Web professionals who are seeking to gain a more accessible design structure using Cascading Style Sheets. However, students opting for this CSS Training Course in Mumbai require to have knowledge of a mark-up language such as HTML. This course is designed by our trainers to equip students with all the complex aspects involved in styling web pages as well as solve challenges that can arise while working on different types of projects.

Students while learning HTML for web designing also need to understand the technical aspects involved in CSS as this enhances the speed of programing websites. Editing to fast paced programing can be done by students when they gain optimum knowledge on CSS.

Learning CSS helps students to gain control over the website as they gain knowledge over several commands that help designing a website with ease. Students interested to design web based applications must have knowledge regarding HTML and CSS as it acts as a foundation for any Web based language.
Students opting for this course will learn how CSS works and to style a page by Internal and External Tags, to apply various selectors for web fonts, text shadows, gradients, round corners, transparency, menu and hyperlinks, multicolumn layout and fixing backgrounds.

In addition, our project based approach enable students to understand the technical challenges involved while working with different types of projects and our trainers help students meet these challenges effectively through systematic and comprehensive training methods.

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