Certificate Course In HTML

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Grey Edge offers a Certificate Course in Website Design – HTML for students aspiring a career in web design or for people who want to gain hands on knowledge and want to shift their professional careers to web designing. This course is designed by our trainers in a manner to fulfil all the core requirements necessary to understand this web based language and equip students with the latest features and techniques that are applied in real time projects.

Students without learning the technicalities involved in HTML, will not be able to work with web based applications as it requires working with HTML codes. This web based language will enable students in designing web based applications as HTML helps in creating links which are known as Hyper Text Links or Anchor Links. These links are essential as it is also applied in Search Engines to create backlinks and this indirectly affects website rankings on search results. Hence our trainers while training our students on this course not only focus on the technical features involved in the software but also the digital guidelines involved while designing a website.

Students opting for this course will learn about several concepts and skills required to utilise HTML effectively. Students will also gain hands on practise working with advanced techniques during the course. Our HTML Training Course in Mumbai provides students inputs on how to setup a Web Site, Syntax and Page Structure, Tags & Attributes, Images and Hyperlinks, Form & Lists, Audio and Video, Canvas and SVG, Geolocation and Publishing. In addition, our project based approach will give students and exposure to real time challenges that arise when handling various types of industry related projects.

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