Revit MEP (Essentials)


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Revit MEP (Essentials)


About This Course

While upgrading to Revit there are certain essential topics that enable delivering top notch pre-construction projects. In this course, learn how to create parametric models of MEP systems. Gain knowledge about vital Revit MEP concepts such as ‘working with datum elements’, ‘linking and importing CAD’, ‘HVAC’, ‘hydronic piping systems’, ‘plumbing’, ‘firefighting’ and ‘electrical systems’ and a lot more that helps Revit Modellers.

In this all-inclusive online Revit MEP (Essentials) course, course students get acquainted on how to create crucial documents that is utilised during final construction. One such example is Goods for Construction (GFC) drawings that provide valuable information regarding the quantity of the goods required for construction. Such information is vital during final construction as it enables total accuracy of the materials required and avoids wastage of construction goods.

Learning such integral topics of Revit MEP in an online course gives course students an opportunity to upgrade themselves from the comfort of their home.

Future Scope of This Course

On completing this course, students and professionals may apply for MEP jobs with Revit Modeller designation. As this course explains the detailed use of each element involved from labelling to placement of elements, Revit Modelers are capable of handling key pre-construction projects in the pre-construction industry.

Who Can Take This Course?

Candidates interested in this course must have knowledge of MEP engineering terminology and AutoCAD software.

Course Content

Below are the topics covered in the course Revit MEP (Essentials)

Sr.  No Topic / Sub Topic Total Course Duration
16 H : 20 M : 49 S

1.0Introduction to Autodesk Revit MEP00.06.54

1.1Introduction and Understanding GUIPreview06:54

2.0Starting New Project01.30.02

2.1Working with Project Templates 13:54

2.2Setting Up Units and Keyboard Shortcuts13:18

2.3Revit Element Properties9:52

2.4Understanding View Properties9:18

2.5Working with Visibility/Graphic Overrides14:42

2.6Creating and Managing View Templates(Floor Plans)11:10

2.7Creating and Managing View Templates(Elevations and Sections)17:46

3.0Working with Datum Elements00.25.39

3.1Adding Levels13:54

3.2Editing Levels and Adding Grids13:18

4.0Linking and Importing CAD00.36.23

4.1Linking CAD Drawing14:20

4.2Managing CAD Link11:19

4.2Importing CAD Drawing10:43

5.0Linking Revit 00.10.43

5.1Linking Architectural Revit Project10:43

6.0HVAC Systems03.05.17

6.1Starting a Mechanical Project11:52

6.2Creating Duct Routing Preferences14:28

6.3Adding Duct System Types10:34

6.4Creating Duct Route15:16

6.5Creating Vertical Ducts and Connection at Junctions16:13

6.6Creating various Duct Connections12:06

6.7Adding Mechanical Equipment15:06

6.8Adding Insulation and Lining9:23

6.9Adding Duct Accessories11:58

6.10Adding Air Terminals18:19

6.12Connecting Air Terminals15:14

6.13Heating and Cooling Loads17:00

6.14Creating an Autoroute Solution17:42

7.0Hydronic Piping Systems01.05.44

7.1Creating Pipe Routing Preference10:45

7.2Adding Pipe System Types11:30

7.3Creating Mechanical Pipe Route12:45

7.4Placing Radiant Panels18:20

7.5Adding Insulation and Pipe Accessories12:21

8.0Plumbing Systems02.01.43

8.1Starting a Plumbing Project07:44

8.2Creating Pipe Routing Preference and System Type for Sanitary Pipes10:01

8.3Creating Drainage Pipe Route20:29

8.4Creating Vertical Stack and Vent Pipes19:11

8.5Adding Plumbing Fixtures12:59

8.6Connecting Plumbing Fixtures21:07

8.7Creating Domestic Water Pipes16:57

8.8Connecting Plumbing Fixtures to Domestic Water Pipes13:11

9.0Electrical Systems01.08.09

9.1Starting an Electrical Project11:15

9.2Creating Cable Tray Route17:50

9.3Adding Lighting Fixtures and Lighting Devices10:55

9.4Adding Electrical Equipments and Creating a Circuit15:10

9.5Creating Wires and Conduits12:28

10.0Fire Fighting Systems00.23.56

10.1Adding Sprinklers10:15

10.2Creating Fire Fighting Pipe Route13:40

11.0Annotation Construction Documents01.29.34

11.1Introduction to Dimensions15:08

11.2Working with Dimensions18:51

11.3Creating Dimension Style11:22

11.4Creating Drafting View22:38

11.5Creating Duct and Pipe Color Fill Legends21:33

12.0Tagging 01.07.25

12.1Working with Tags16:17

12.2Creating Duct and Pipe Tag Family21:46

12.3Creating Cable Tray and Lighting Device Tag Family18:37

12.4Using Multi Category Tag10:43

13.0Bill of Quantities00.57.27

13.1Creating Duct Fitting Schedule15:49

13.2Creating Pipe Fitting Schedule16:45

13.3Creating Panel Schedule18:51

14.0Views Setup01.07.28

14.1Adding Filters 17:29

14.2Creating Legend and Callout View 17:57

14.3Adding Scope Box 17:33

14.4Working with Underlay objects 14:28

15.0Sheet Composition01.07.28

15.1Adding Sheets and Setting Up Views 22:21

15.2Adding Revisions to Sheet 21:15

15.3Creating a Sheet Family 26:41:00

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