Revit MEP (Team Collaboration)


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Revit MEP (Team Collaboration)


About This Course

Learn and understand the full capabilities of working on a ‘Central File’ and deal with Architectural/Engineering Design teams from various point of view with Revit MEP (Team Collaboration) course.

Pre-construction firms include teams from multiple departments, and they come together to work on a common project. Hence this may give rise to communication gaps that may cause delay to complete the project on time. This makes it imperative to utlise the tools available in Revit to create company standard templates that enable multiple teams to work on a master file with common settings.

As this Revit MEP (Team Collaboration) online course offers critical information on how multiple teams can work in collaboration, professionals seeking to understand this function of Revit will find this course extremely meaningful.

Future Scope of This Course

To become a key team member for a firm, ensuring seamless communication among multiple teams is fundamental. On completing this course, student and professionals can take their career ahead with MEP jobs for team management.

Who Can Take This Course?

Candidates interested in this course must have knowledge of MEP Engineering Terminology and AutoCAD software.

Course Content

Below are the topics covered in the course Revit MEP (Team Collaboration)

Sr. No Topic / Sub Topic Total Course Duration
06 H : 54 M : 41 S

1.0Introduction to Autodesk Revit MEP00.06.54

1.1Introduction and Understanding GUIPreview6:54

2.0Starting New Project01.30.02

2.1Working with Project Templates 13:54

2.2Setting Up Units and Keyboard Shortcuts13:18

2.3Revit Element Properties9:52

2.4Understanding View Properties9:18

2.5Working with Visibility/Graphic Overrides14:42

2.6Creating and Managing View Templates(Floor Plans)11:10

2.7Creating and Managing View Templates(Elevations and Sections)17:46

3.0Working with Datum Elements00.25.39

3.1Adding Levels13:54

3.2Editing Levels and Adding Grids13:18

4.0Linking and Importing CAD00.36.23

4.1Linking CAD Drawing14:20

4.2Managing CAD Link11:19

4.2Importing CAD Drawing10:43

5.0Linking Revit 00.10.43

5.1Linking Architectural Revit Project10:43

6.0Managing Project01.29.24

6.1Object Styles and Transfer Project Standards 17:35

6.2Creating Shared Parameters and Project Parameters 21:06

6.3Using Shared Parameters in Tags, Schedules and Filters 12:22

6.4Creating Global Parameters 13:14

6.5Managing Additional Settings 25:05:00

7.0Phasing and Groups00.36.41

7.1Creating and Managing Groups15:09

7.2Working with Phases 21:32

8.0Exporting Views and Sheets00.31.51

8.1Overview to various Export Formats11:22

8.2Exporting Revit Views to CAD format 20:29


9.1Printing and Plotting Sheets15:33

10.0Project Team Collaboration1.11.27

10.1Creating a Central File23:00

10.2Working in Local Files – I 28:02:00

10.3Working in Local Files – II20:24

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