SketchUp Pro & V-Ray (Trimble SketchUp Pro-certified)

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SketchUp Pro & V-Ray (Trimble Sketchup Pro-certified)

About This Course

To make the transition from 2D drawings to 3D models, SketchUp Pro is the best software to master. As its interface is user friendly and its 3D warehouse offers a wide range of free 3D models, architects and interior designers can visualise their designs and convert them into lifelike 3D models using the plug-in V-Ray with SketchUp Pro. Grey Edge offers a certificate course in SketchUp Pro and V-Ray in its SketchUp-authorised training centre in Mumbai. This SketchUp Pro course is specifically designed to help architects create lifelike 3D building models in a city or town scenario.

Why Enroll for SketchUp Pro & V-Ray?

  • Small and mid-sized architectural and interior design firms prefer working on SketchUp Pro, as its license fee is less than other 3D modelling software.
  • For architects and interior designers who want to upgrade from AutoCAD 2D to 3D modelling, SketchUp Pro is the perfect stepping stone, as it is user friendly and an easy software to grasp for beginners.
  • By learning the application of V-Ray with SketchUp Pro, the final output delivered is photorealistic enough to explain the final output of their interior design to end customers.
  • For an interior designer just entering the field of 3D modelling, gaining a SketchUp Pro certification is beneficial, as it is cost efficient and the 3D model appears realistic after applying the tools available in V-Ray.

Future Scope of This Course

After completing this course, students and professionals can apply for jobs as urban planners, interior space designers, modular kitchen designers and 3D visualisers. These designations involve the following responsibilities:

  • Work with 3D architectural designers and create 3D models that require attention to detail, lighting and fixtures
  • Work with multiple projects, delivering lifelike 3D models
  • Work on real estate projects with graphic designers, web designers, videographers, media planners, digital marketing specialists, etc. to create 3D renderings and animations

Who Can Take This Course?

This SketchUp training course is suitable for architects, interior designers and draftsmen.

Other Salient Course Features

  • This course is divided equally between theory and practical sessions.
  • Course duration – 30 hours, Mon-Fri, 2 hours per day.
  • Maximum class strength – 4 students per batch.
  • Trainees must have knowledge of 3D and its concepts.
  • A Trimble Sketchup Pro course completion certificate will be provided on course completion.

Course Logistics

Next Steps

To register for this SketchUp training course in Mumbai, please call 022–29276644/022 – 29271188 to arrange a meeting with our course counsellors and training experts. REGISTER ONLINE
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