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3ds Max
& V-Ray Course

Create Photorealistic Renderings
of Architectural 3D Models

Duration: 66 Hours

Course Benefits

  • Students and professionals who seek to upgrade their 3D rendering skills must enrol for a 3ds Max training course, as the gamut of tools 3ds Max and V-Ray offers enables the creation of lifelike 3D rendered outputs.
  • Students and professionals well versed with AutoCAD 3D and Revit Architecture can generate photorealistic images by importing architectural 3D models in 3ds Max.
  • As large-scale 3D modelling projects have heavy file sizes, the process of rendering images is faster with 3ds Max and V-Ray when compared with other 3D modelling software.
  • Large firms work on extensive 3D modelling projects and hence use 3ds Max to render faster deliverables.

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    What Will You Learn?

    • Interpret architectural plans and convert them into 3D models
    • Set the mood by assigning the right camera, lights & materials
    • Enhance the scenes by adding different effects available in V-Ray
    • Create high-quality photorealistic 3D renderings of architectural views

    Course Content

    • Modelling – Primitives, Compound Objects & Modifiers
    • Spline Modelling – Structure
    • Poly Modelling – Furniture
    • AEC Modelling – 3ds Max Defaults
    • V-Ray Materials & Library – Standard Material Editor
    • V-Ray Lights & V-Ray Camera – Scene Setup
    • V-Ray Renderings – Exterior & Interior Day Scene
    • V-Ray Renderings – Exterior & Interior Night Scene
    • V-Ray Renderings – HDRI & Caustics
    • Virtual Reality – 360 Panorama Images
    • Environment & Effects – Fire
    • Particles & Space Wraps – Water Fountain

    Course Eligibility

    This 3ds Max with V-Ray training course in Mumbai is suitable for architects, interior designers and those who wish to pursue a career in 3D visualisation.

    Future Scope of This Course

    After completing this course, students and professionals can apply for jobs as 3D visualisers. This designation involves the following responsibilities:

    • Work with a team of high-calibre 3D visualisers on a variety of architectural and interior visualisation projects for the commercial, residential, hospitality and retail sectors.
    • Work efficiently with 3ds Max and V-Ray to generate high-quality and photorealistic 3D visualisation models.
    • Using V-Ray, apply the necessary tools for creating rendered images, walk-throughs/fly-throughs and virtual reality 360 panorama images.