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Revit Architecture
& V-Ray Course

Create Detailed, Lifelike & Accurate 3D
Architectural Models

Duration: 84 Hours

Course Benefits

  • Revit Architecture training enables you to quickly create a mass (block) model of a layout along with a site plan for primary presentations.
  • Learning to use Parametric models, a feature in Revit Architecture, helps you to easily apply changes to a model.
  • Procure Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and Bill of Materials (BOM) feature helps create cost-efficient design models.
  • Create construction documentation (CD sets), shop drawings, installation drawings, work with multiple users and save their work to a central file, collaborate on shared models across LAN and streamline data management with Revit Architecture.
  • Using the plug-in V-Ray and cloud-based services, 3D models can be enhanced to showcase a lifelike model to end customers for sales and marketing purposes.

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    What Will You Learn?

    • Create and develop an industry-relevant architectural 3D model
    • Learn to work on residential and commercial projects
    • Generate schedules and create construction document sets
    • Render photorealistic images using V-Ray for Revit

    Course Content

    • Project Setup – Templates, View Templates, Levels & Grids
    • Structural Modelling – Basic
    • Material Editor – Material Library
    • Architectural Modelling – Detailed
    • Massing & Site Design – Conceptual Modelling & Contour Design
    • Annotation & View Setup – Dimensions, Tags & Sheet Composition
    • Schedules – Bill of Quantities BOQs & Bill of Materials BOMs
    • Project Management – Phasing, Parameters & Additional Settings
    • Families – Parametric & Non-Parametric
    • Project Team Collaboration – Central File & Worksets
    • Renderings – Images, Walkthroughs & 360 Panorama Images

    Course Eligibility

    This Revit Architecture training course in Mumbai is suitable for architects, civil engineering professionals, interior designers and AutoCAD draftsmen who wish to apply for jobs as Revit BIM modellers after completion of this course.

    Future Scope of This Course

    After completing this Revit Architecture course, you can work confidently with BIM technology and apply for jobs with designations such as Revit technicians (Architecture) or Revit BIM modellers. These designations involve the following responsibilities:

    • With Revit Architecture training, work in a team of architectural and interior BIM professionals on a variety of commercial, residential, hospitality, healthcare and retail sector projects.
    • Work with Revit Architecture and deliver architectural and interior design documentation projects within time, budget and of high quality.
    • With Revit Architecture and V-Ray training, use functionalities, such as Families, Design Options, etc., with ease, to deliver the required design requirements.