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Revit Structure &
Navisworks Course

Create Realistic Concrete
& Steel Structural Models

Duration: 66 Hours

Course Benefits

  • Create detailed 3D models for concrete RCC, steel and wooden structures.
  • Prepare detailed shop drawing documents, connect steel design workflows and create accurate steel and concrete models.
  • Understand the placement of beams, slabs and rebars and easily calculate their dimensions.
  • Learn important aspects of construction, such as the Bar Bending Schedule (BBS).
  • Work with isolated foundations, piles, and create an in-place foundation for a custom pad foundation.
  • Learn to create foundation slab types and work with slab edges to strengthen the foundation of a structure.
  • Create scheduling and walk-throughs in multidisciplinary models and merge design and construction data into a single model using Navisworks.
  • You can also enrol in a Navisworks course separately. Contact +91 7304942079.

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    What Will You Learn?

    • Create structural 3D models ready for analysis and design
    • Prepare beam framing plans, column layout plans
    • Create rebar models and generate bar bending schedules
    • View and understand the analytical model

    Course Content

    • Project Setup – Templates, View Templates, Levels & Grids
    • Structural Modelling – Concrete
    • Structural Modelling – Structural Steel
    • Analytical Modelling – Views, Loads & Analysing
    • Reinforcement – Rebar Modelling & Placement
    • Annotation & View Setup – Dimensions, Tags, Sheet Composition
    • Shedules – Bill of Quantities (BOQs) & Bar Bending Schedules (BBSs)
    • Project Management – Phasing, Parameters & Additional Settings
    • Families – Parametric & Non-parametric
    • Project Team Collaboration – Central File & Worksets

    Course Eligibility

    This Revit Structure training course is suitable for civil engineers, structural draftsmen and draftsmen who wish to learn Revit Structure in-depth from the best industry-experienced trainers.

    Future Scope of This Course

    After completing this Revit structure training course, students and professionals can apply for structural jobs as structural draftsmen, structural detailers and structural modellers. These designations involve the following responsibilities:

    • Work with high-calibre structural professionals on a variety of building structural design development projects for the commercial, residential, hospitality, healthcare and retail sectors.
    • Create detailed structural designs for building structures, rebars, bridges, etc., including vital information in the structural 3D models of concrete RCC, steel and wooden structures.