Revit Architecture & V-Ray (Autodesk-certified)

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Revit Architecture & V-Ray (Autodesk-certified)

About This Course

The design phase of the BIM (Building Information Modelling) process plays a vital role in a construction project. By learning Revit Architecture, understanding this phase in BIM becomes easy, as architects and construction professionals can design complex building models within a short period.

The advantage of creating a building design model with Revit Architecture is that each design model can be stored in a single database file in a digital format. Through this file, architects and construction professionals can create site design, add conceptual masses and create a detailed model with 3D visualisation.

Besides, they can also procure BOQ (Bill of Quantities) and BOM (Bill of Materials) and prepare shop drawings and CD (Construction Document) sets. These files play a vital role during final construction. On completing this Revit BIM training in our V-Ray training centre, students and professionals can work confidently with BIM technology.

Why Enroll for Revit Architecture?

  • Undergoing Revit Architecture training enables architects to quickly create a mass (block) model of a layout along with a site plan for primary presentations. This acts as a preview of the final design before construction.
  • As Revit is designed for the smooth implementation of the BIM process, this software helps to create a BIM model and it acts as a vital software for BIM.
  • 3D models created in Revit Architecture provide a rough estimate of the costs and materials required to build the model. It provides a Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and Bill of Materials (BOM). This helps to create cost-efficient design models.
  • Parametric models, a feature in Revit Architecture, helps to apply changes to the model easily. A change applied to any given view (plan view) of the model simultaneously updates other views (sections, elevations, 3D views) of the model.
  • Create construction documents (CD sets), shop drawings, installation drawings, work with multiple users and save their work to a central file, collaborate on shared models across LAN and streamline data management with Revit Architecture.
  • Using the plug-in V-Ray as well as cloud-based services, 3D models can be enhanced to showcase a lifelike model to end customers for the purpose of sales and marketing.

Future Scope of This Course

After completing this Revit BIM training in our V-Ray training centre, students and professionals can work confidently with BIM technology and apply for designations such as Revit technicians (Architecture) or Revit BIM modellers. These designations involve the following responsibilities:

  • With Revit Architecture training, work in a team of architectural and interior BIM professionals, on a variety of commercial, residential, hospitality, healthcare and retail sector projects
  • Work with Revit Architecture and deliver architectural and interior design documentation projects within time, budget and of high quality
  • With Revit Architecture and V-Ray training, use functionalities, such as Families, Design Options, etc., with ease, to deliver the required design requirements.

Who Can Take This Course?

This Revit Architecture training course in Mumbai is suitable for architects, civil engineering professionals, interior designers and AutoCAD draftsmen who wish to apply for Revit BIM jobs after completion of this course.

Other Salient Course Features

  • This course is divided equally between theory and practical sessions.
  • Course duration – 84 hours, Mon-Fri, 2 hours per day.
  • Maximum class strength – 6 students per batch.
  • Trainees must have knowledge of architectural plans, elevations and sections and AutoCAD 2D software knowledge is preferred.
  • An Autodesk course completion certificate will be provided on course completion.

Course Logistics

Learning Modes

Instructor-led Online Training: Learn with our industry-experienced trainers online. Get your questions answered ‘LIVE’ online with the trainer.

Classroom Training: Visit our Goregaon (East), Mumbai, training centre and learn in a classroom environment with some of the industry’s best trainers.

Next Steps

To register for this classroom-led Revit Architecture training course in Mumbai or our instructor-led, ’live’ Revit Architecture online training course with certification, please call 022–29276644/022 – 29271188 to arrange a meeting with our course counsellors and training experts. REGISTER ONLINE
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