Revit Architecture (Essentials)


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Revit Architecture (Essentials)


About This Course

Revit includes several tools that enable the creation of BIM compliant architectural design models. However, some tools play a vital role while designing models. In this Revit Architecture (Essentials) course, students and professionals will learn how to create parametric models of Architectural systems and will get acquainted with key topics in Revit such as ‘Drawing and Modifying Structural Elements’, ‘Drawing and Modifying Basic Walls, Doors, Windows and Openings’, ‘Floors’, ‘Ceilings’, ‘Roofs’, ‘Annotation Construction Documents’ and a lot more.

Staying at home, this course offers Revit professionals an opportunity to explore Revit Architecture in-depth through a series of high-definition videos, MCQ practice tests and soft copy of theory notes.

Through multiple-choice question tests, course students can understand how much course material they have grasped. Since it is an online course, participants can view course videos at their own pace at the time that is most convenient to them. Thus, upgrading to key tools in Revit while working from home serves Revit professionals an ideal mix of learning and upgrading through this course.

Future Scope of This Course

On completing this course, student and professionals can apply for CAD/BIM jobs with Revit Modeller designation.

Who Can Take This Course?

Candidates interested in this course must know Architectural terminology and AutoCAD software.

Course Content

Below are the topics covered in the course Revit Architecture (Essentials)

Sr.  No Topic / Sub Topic Total Course Duration
11 H : 17 M : 41 S


0.1Introduction to RevitPreview02:23

1.0Introduction to Autodesk Revit Architecture00.14.32

1.1Understanding GUIPreview07:14

1.2Revit Elements, Instance & Type Properties07:18

2.0Starting New Project00.42.46

2.1Templates & Creating Keyboard Shortcuts07:49

2.2View Control Toolbar & Visibility/Graphics12:57

2.3View Templates & Customizing Project Template10:02

2.4Creating and Editing Levels And Grids11:57

3.0Linking and Importing CAD00.13.10

3.1Linking,Importing CAD files and Modifying them13:10

4.0Drawing and Modifying Structural Elements00.14.10

4.1Adding and Modifying Structural Footings,Columns,Beams14:10


5.1Creating and Modifying Materials14:06

6.0Drawing and Modifying Basic Walls01.05.19

6.1Creating Walls and Adding Layers14:24

6.2Modifying Walls (Splitting Layers, & Edit Profile)11:17

6.3Modifying Walls (Wall Sweeps & Reveals)13:52

6.4Creating and Using Stacked Walls12:00

6.5Helpful Modifying Tools13:44

7.0Doors, Windows and Openings00.07.35

7.1Adding and Modifying Doors, Windows & Openings07:35

8.0Drawing & Modifying Curtain Walls00.26.50

8.1Creating Curtain Walls & Adding Grids08:58

8.2Adding and Modifying Mullions On Curtain Walls06:50

8.3Adding Doors & Windows On Curtain Walls, Creating Embedded Walls11:02


9.1Adding and Editing Floors11:13

9.2Adding Slopes and Openings12:58


10.1Architectural & Structural Columns07:10


11.1Placing and Modifying Components12:53

11.2Model In-Place (Extrusion & Sweep Forms)15:03

11.3Model In-Place (Blend, Revolve & Swept Blend)18:20

12.0Reflected Ceiling Plan 00.14.27

12.1Adding Ceilings and Creating Ceiling Types07:03

12.2Creating Ceiling Packings (Model In-Place)07:24


13.1Creating and Editing Roofs (Roof By Footprint)13:07

13.2Creating Roof by Extrusion & Openings10:47

13.3Adding Additional Roof Elements (Soffit, Facia & Gutter)11:58

13.4Creating Dormer Openings In Roofs09:23

14.0Vertical Circulation00.50.49

14.1Creating Stairs 16:47

14.2Editing Stairs And Creating Ramps 17:05

14.3Adding And Editing Railings 16:57

15.0Site Design00.32.27

15.1Creating And Modifying Toposurfaces 18:54

15.2Adding Site Features (Building Pad, Property Lines & Graded Region) 13:32

16.0Mass Design00.39.48

16.1Overview Of Conceptual Massing & Creating Mass Forms 16:36

16.2Creating Mass Families & Editing Mass 13:03

16.3Converting Mass Into Building Model 10:08

17.0Annotation Construction Documents00.34.41

17.1Understanding & Using Dimensions17:44

17.2Editing Dimensions, Adding Text & Symbols16:57

18.0Tags and Schedules01.14.53

18.1Understanding Tags & Using Tag By Category16:54

18.2Using Tag All & Material Tags 08:55

18.3Understanding Multi-category Tags (Using Shared & Project Parameters)15:16

18.4Understanding & Using Room & Area Tags 16:29

18.5Creating Schedules (BOM’s & BOQ’s) 17:16

19.0Views Setup01.12.20

19.1Creating Views (Elevations, Sections & Call-Outs)17:21

19.2Adding Details In Sections, Call-outs & Creating Drafting Views19:30

19.3Understanding Duplicate Views, Legend Views & Scope Boxes20:43

19.4Understanding Filters, View Range & Plan Regions14:45

20.0Sheet Composition00.36.44

20.1Customizing Titleblock Family & Creating New Titleblock Family15:25

20.2Adding Views & Revisions, Understanding Matchlines & View Reference21:19

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