Revit Architecture (Family Creation)


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Revit Architecture (Family Creation)


About This Course

In this online course, learn how to create Custom Element Types and Parametric, Non-Parametric and Nested Families in Revit Architecture (Family Creation) course. This course focuses on ‘Family Concepts and Techniques’ that enable the creation of customized libraries according to industry standards.

Sometimes Revit professionals utilise Revit families in-depth for their projects. This online course helps to grasp this topic in detail. Course students can view high-definition videos at their own pace and complete this course at ease from the convenience of their home.

Future Scope of This Course

On completing this course, students and professionals can apply for CAD/BIM jobs with Revit Family Creator/Specialist designation.

Who Can Take This Course?

Candidates interested in this course must know Architectural Terminology and AutoCAD software..

Course Content

Below are the topics covered in the course Revit Architecture (Family Creation)

Sr.  No Topic / Sub Topic Total Course Duration
02 H : 50 M : 17 S

1.0Introduction to Autodesk Revit Architecture00.14.32

1.1Understanding GUIPreview07:14

1.2Revit Elements, Instance & Type Properties 07:18

2.0Starting New Project00.42.46

2.1Templates & Creating Keyboard Shortcuts 07:49

2.2View Control Toolbar & Visibility/Graphics 12:57

2.3View Templates & Customizing Project Template 10:02

2.4Creating and Editing Levels & Grids 11:57

3.0Linking and Importing CAD00.13.10

3.1Linking, Importing CAD files and Modifying them13:10

4.0Family Concepts & Techniques01.39.48

4.1Introduction to Revit Family Interface & Creating Door Family22:29

4.2Creating Window Family15:40

4.3Creating Parametric Furniture Family16:20

4.4Creating Baluster Family, Rail Family, Stair Nosing Family12:41

4.5Creating Parametric Cabinet Family16:13

4.6Creating Curtain Panel Pattern Based Family16:21

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