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3D Rendering Made Easy with the Right SketchUp Pro & V-Ray Training Centre

12 th March 2020

We live in a world where we believe that something is true if it is seen for real. Therefore, architects and interior designers create 3D models for the end customers that make them believe that a particular design can be a reality. Architects and interior designers learn the art of creating lifelike 3D models from a SketchUp Pro & V-Ray training centre. Such centres offer Trimble-certified SketchUp Pro courses and the training is given by industry-experienced trainers.

As a SketchUp Pro and V-Ray trainer, I have found that it is common for students to feel hesitant about creating 3D models. However, after undergoing training from a SketchUp-authorised training centre, students can work on projects that result in visually attractive and technically accurate 3D design models. Recently, we had a student named Vaishali (name changed). Vaishali had earlier enrolled with us for the Revit Architecture course. She wanted to learn rendering, although she was apprehensive in the beginning. This initial uncertainty is quite common with students who enroll for SketchUp Pro with V-Ray. SketchUp Pro with V-Ray is introduced to architects and interior designers in architectural and interior designing institutes. Such institutes have thousands of students undergoing training, and only the basics of the software are taught. Hence, important concepts of rendering are rushed, and students feel lost and begin to find the process of rendering complicated.

Once Vaishali finished her SketchUp Pro and V-Ray course with us, she had to present a final project to the trainers at Grey Edge. The final 3D model presented by Vaishali was one of the best 3D models created by any student in a long time. The detailing and the effort put in by Vaishali made the 3D model feel photorealistic. After her presentation, Vaishali revealed that this model wouldn’t have been a possibility if the trainer wasn’t patient enough to explain each aspect of the software in detail. The theory and practical sessions during the course ensured every tool is understood and applied while creating the final project. Working on the exercises mentioned in the workbook gave Vaishali the confidence to implement everything that she had learnt during the theory sessions, making her feel that the process of rendering need not be so difficult after all. Vaishali also won the Student of the Month Award (at an event conducted by Grey Edge, where a student is awarded for his/her exemplary project work). She thanked the trainers for their systematic training and recommended that other students should study at a Trimble-certified training centre, as such centres provide personalised attention to every student learning this software.

A few reasons why a SketchUp-authorised training centre can make learning 3D rendering seem easy:

  • SketchUp Pro and V-Ray training centres conduct personalised training sessions with a batch of four students. Thus, the course is not rushed, and each student is at ease to freely ask questions.
  • The course is taught by industry-experienced trainers and the training is project-based. This ensures that every tool in the software is utilised.
  • The course is divided equally between theory and practical sessions. This provides students ample time to practice what they have been taught in their theory sessions and feel confident to work on their final projects.
  • Such a training centre also offers a Trimble-certified SketchUp Pro certification on course completion, which is beneficial for students who are applying for jobs. Additionally, these training centres provide placement opportunities as well.

A student may know only the basics, but we at Grey Edge polish each student to master the software with confidence. Our industry-experienced trainers provide in-depth information about each software. Students may seek advice from our course counsellors and select a course that will be beneficial professionally. To register for any of our courses, walk into our CAD/BIM training centre located in Mumbai, Goregaon (East) or visit www.grey-edge.com

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