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5 Online Courses to Help Master Revit MEP

14 th August 2020

In the pre-construction industry, skilled professionals are well-versed with the software Revit. Professionals obtain certification for Revit from Autodesk-certified training centres. This is because pre-construction firms prefer candidates who are Autodesk-certified.

Over time, Autodesk releases new software versions that include enhanced features. It then becomes vital for professionals to upgrade themselves on the latest Revit features. Autodesk-authorised training centres, bearing this need in mind, offer the best online Revit MEP courses.

Grey Edge, an Autodesk-authorised training centre, offers 5 courses for students and professionals to learn Revit MEP online. Through its e-learning platform iLEARN, Grey Edge offers the following 5 online Revit MEP courses:

1. Revit MEP (Comprehensive)

Students or professionals who wish to upgrade their expertise from AutoCAD to Revit will find this Revit MEP online course quite beneficial. This course explains how to use Revit MEP in detail, covering a wide range of topics, such as ‘Starting New Project’, ‘Linking and Importing CAD’, ‘HVAC Systems’, ‘Hydronic Piping Systems’, ‘Plumbing Systems’, ‘Electrical Systems’, ‘Firefighting Systems’ and a lot more. The total course duration is 23H:15M:41S, ensuring that course students are well-versed with Revit MEP by the end of the course.

2. Revit MEP (Essentials)

Professionals who wish to apply for Revit modeller jobs will find this course beneficial. It deals with creating parametric models of MEP systems and focuses on essential topics, such as, ‘Annotation Construction Documents’, ‘Bill of Quantities’, ‘Views Setup’ and a lot more. The total course duration is 16H:20M:49S catering to topics vital for an MEP modeller.

3. Revit MEP (Advanced)

As Autodesk releases new features with its latest Revit version, this course covers all the latest features. Learn and upgrade your skills on the key features of Revit MEP and learn how to deal with engineering design scenarios from various points of view. Gain insight into important aspects of Revit MEP, such as ‘phasing and groups’, ‘exporting views and sheets’, ‘plotting’ and a lot more. The total course duration is 12H:44M:05S, perfect for learning about Revit MEP’s latest features.

4. Revit MEP (Family Creation)

Professionals who are well-versed with Revit are aware of the use and importance of ‘Revit Families’. This feature of Revit is probably the most utilised for pre-construction projects. Professionals seeking to master Revit Families will find this Revit MEP online course most beneficial. The total course duration is 5H:35M:40S, and on completing this course, professionals can apply for Revit MEP jobs with the designation of Revit Family creator/specialist.

5. Revit MEP (Team Collaboration)

As several professionals can be working together on a project, it is necessary for seamless communication between team members. In this course, learn and understand the full capabilities of working on a central file and learn how to deal with the requirements of architectural/engineering design teams from various points of view. The total course duration is 06H:54M:41S, and on completing this course, professionals can move one step ahead and apply for MEP jobs that require team management.

As stay-at-home courses are gaining momentum, Grey Edge’s e-learning platform iLEARN offers the best online Revit MEP courses at the most lucrative prices. Each course is customised to cater to a specific need that may arise for students and professionals and can be taken at home. To learn Revit MEP online through iLEARN, send us an enquiry on info@grey-edge.com, or WhatsApp +91 7304942079 or visit https://www.grey-edge.com/i-learn/

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