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6 Online Revit Architecture Courses Professionals Should Not Miss!

7 th September 2020

Creating lifelike 3D BIM models may seem like a daunting task if students and professionals are not well versed with Revit Architecture. As Revit is a software with a gamut of tools, utilising it to its highest potential is vital. Autodesk Authorised Training Centres (ATCs) offer Revit Architecture online courses. Grey Edge, an ATC, offers online courses through its video-based platform, iLEARN. It includes a series of high-definition videos created by industry-experienced trainers. Grey Edge’s iLEARN provides 6 Revit Architecture online courses for students and professionals. They are as follows:

Revit Architecture (Comprehensive)

The Revit Architecture (Comprehensive) online course is ideal for those who wish to learn Revit in detail. It covers vital topics, such as ‘Drawing and Modifying Structural Elements’, ‘Drawing and Modifying Basic Walls’, ‘Doors, Windows and Openings’, ‘Floors’, ‘Columns’, ‘Components’ and much more. On course completion, students can apply for jobs with designations such as Revit technicians (Architecture) or Revit BIM modellers.

Revit Architecture (Essentials)

In this Revit Architecture (Essentials) course, learn how to create vital construction documents and become acquainted with essential tools that play a crucial role while designing models. This course is ideal for those professionals who need to improve their software skills for better project delivery. On course completion, professionals can apply for jobs with the designation of a Revit modeller.

Revit Architecture (Advanced)

Autodesk updates Revit with new tools every year. This course is aimed at acquainting professionals with these new tools. It includes key topics, such as ‘Annotation Construction Documents’, ‘Tags and Schedules’, ‘Views Setup’ and many more advanced features that are crucial for delivering pre-construction projects. On course completion, professionals can apply for jobs with a designation such as senior Revit modeller or someone who handles project troubleshooting and management review.

Revit Architecture (Family Creation)

Some professionals may wish to specialise in Revit Families. In this course, learn how to create Custom Element Types and Parametric, Non-Parametric and Nested Families. This course focuses on ‘Family Concepts and Techniques’ that enable the creation of customised libraries according to industry standards. On course completion, students and professionals can apply for CAD/BIM jobs with Revit Family Creator/Specialist designations.

Revit Architecture (Team Collaboration)

Coordinating between teams from various disciplines is vital for smooth project execution. This course focuses on the importance of a central file that helps keep track of the project’s progress while collaborating efficiently with multiple teams from various disciplines. On course completion, professionals can apply for team management CAD/BIM jobs.

Revit Architecture (Rendering)

Make 3D models lifelike after completing this Revit Architecture (Rendering) course. This course deals with rendering techniques used for images, creating walk-throughs and virtual reality presentations. On course completion, professionals can apply for visualisation jobs.

Learn Revit Architecture online with these 6 courses. On completion of these courses, Grey Edge offers a course completion certificate. For more information about Grey Edge’s iLEARN courses, send a WhatsApp message to +91 7304942079 or visit https://www.grey-edge.com/i-learn/

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