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Bridging Expertise and Architecture: The BIM Journey at Grey Edge

23 rd February 2024

In the AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) industry, BIM (Building Information Modelling) has redefined the way we design and construct buildings. Across all information channels, applying BIM technology has become so relevant that it is now part of the design process by default. For students of architecture, BIM expertise can unlock better pay packages, find new job opportunities and help them work confidently on diverse and unconventional projects.

Three architecture students (now enrolled with Grey Edge) wanted to learn about BIM technology without taking an online course, due to potentially large batches, few weekly training sessions and limited one-on-one trainer interactions. Also, online classes made job promises that seemed too good to be true. Looking for offline classes offering a BIM course in Mumbai, they came across a few possibilities. However, these offline classes lacked proper infrastructure.

Then, they stumbled on Grey Edge, which offers architectural BIM courses with an internship. On visiting Grey Edge, they discovered a conducive learning environment, structured course content and the opportunity to interact with industry-experienced trainers. Grey Edge’s BIM Architecture course offered software training, project-based training and an internship experience that allowed students to apply their new skills to industry-relevant projects.

This course provides 4-month software training, followed by a 2-month internship, enabling students to learn about BIM tools and processes in-depth. Trainers ensure that concepts are thoroughly understood by each student before proceeding to the next training module.

This architectural BIM internship course helped these students apply their expertise, gained from the 4-month training, on a new multistorey building project during their internship, enabling them to think and apply their software skills creatively. The internship experience gave these students a competitive edge in the job market, as they now have proficient software skills and industry-relevant work experience.

Asked what they liked most about Grey Edge, they highlighted Grey Edge’s professional training environment, supportive trainers and its commitment to genuine and personalised training.

To learn more about how to achieve professional growth in BIM and enhance software skills, visit www.grey-edge.com or get in touch at +91 7304942079.

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