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CAD Jobs / Vacancies in Mumbai

6 th March 2018
What is Computer-aided design (CAD)?

Computer-aided design (CAD) is the utilization of computer systems to help in the development, alteration, analysis or optimization of a design. CAD software is used to improve the productivity of the designer, enhance communications via documentation and to develop a database for manufacturing. CAD is one of the numerous tools utilized by engineers and designers and is used in several ways depending on the profession of the user and the kind of software in question. It is also referred to as computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) and can be used for design and drafting documentation. Architectural drafting and documentation is much more effective with the software’s intuitive setting and tools developed particularly for architects.

Role of a CAD Technician

If you want to be a CAD technician, then what does that entail? Firstly, CAD technicians have an aptitude for math and drawing. CAD technicians utilize the software to develop design plans for buildings and machinery. They are qualified to work in an extensive range of industries, from engineering and construction to manufacturing.

A CAD technician could work in 2D design, which is referred to as surface modelling, or 3D design, also known as solid modelling. You can also use designs to help prepare project cost estimates and generate assembly instructions and maintenance manuals for installation, service and repair technicians. Usually, this is a small team, with each technician working on a different portion of a project under the leadership of a design engineer.

Architectural Courses

If you wish to pursue a career as a CAD professional, then enroll at an institute offering a multitude of certified courses related to the architectural field. One such academy is Grey Edge, an AutoCad training center and a brand of XS CAD. Grey Edge offers numerous CAD courses that will lead to an architectural internship in Mumbai and hopefully a full-time job. It is a leading skills development company and offers an extensive array of opportunities to professionals who aspire for a career in the architectural, civil engineering and construction sectors. For beginners, the CAD training center prepares students with a range of skills, such as drafting, developing 2D and 3D designs and being conversant with software commands. The intermediate section prepares students in hatching, dimensioning, cross-references, tables and block attributes, gearing students with the requisite skills needed for advanced AutoCAD usage. The advanced AutoCAD courses concentrates fundamentally on 3D designs, which comprise navigation and modelling tools that help develop 3D models.

CAD Jobs

Grey Edge is also a leading training and recruitment division of XS CAD. Our headhunting team can guide and connect you with the right company for a perfect fit. Interested candidates can send their resumes to recruitment@grey-edge.com and placement@grey-edge.com. There are numerous CAD vacancies in Mumbai, and Grey Edge can help place you with the correct organization and prepare you with the right credentials.

Get in touch by sending an enquiry on our WhatsApp no. +91 7304942079 or email at info@grey-edge.com.

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