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Grey Edge Offers Recruitment Services

26 th December 2017

It is very important for an organization to hire the right person for the right job. With this in mind, it is vital to look for a reputable recruitment company who is able to provide a short – list of suitable candidates for the advertised role.

Qualities Of A Good Recruitment Company:

Listening Skills

A good recruitment consultant should have excellent listening and understanding skills.. You must be able to comprehend the needs of both the jobseeker as well as the client. It is vitally important to understand both the client requirements and the skills a prospective employee has to offer so that you can match the right person to the right job role.

Marketing Skills

It is important that the recruitment agency knows how to market and promote their services to both clients and candidates. It is essential to know how to sell the clients to the candidates by outlining how great the company and the potential opportunity is and just as important to sell the candidate to the client by promoting their strengths and convincing the client how they would be an excellent choice for the advertised role. A long list of candidates on a database is of no use if you are not able to get the companies to hire them.


It is vital in the recruitment industry to produce results and thus the nature of the job is very target-driven. It is important that the recruiter is able to handle the pressure, be target driven and able to produce results in a competitive environment.

Communication Skills

Recruiters are constantly put in situations where they need to be considerate and sensitive. If a job seeker has not been placed in the job they applied for, it is important that the rejection is conveyed in a manner that is both tactful and considerate so that the candidate leaves with a positive mind set and is ready to apply for the next opportunity.

Recruitment Services Offered by Grey Edge

Grey Edge is an Autodesk Authorized Training & Certification Center based in Mumbai that also offers recruitment services. If you’re looking for architectural, MEP, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Revit jobs in Mumbai, then please contact us. We can help job seekers find suitable employment with the right company. Our database comprises of over 30,000 highly-skilled professionals and firms can be assured of finding the right person for their vacancy.

Companies who are interested in partnering with us are offered two options:

1. Free Recruitment Service

To use this service, simply fill in the online form. We will then search our extensive database and forward your vacancy to candidates who closely match your requirements. Interested candidates will then send their resumes to you directly. This service can be used for free. It is restricted up to 5 positions per annum for each company/organization.

2. Complete Recruitment Process Outsourcing

This option is for those firms who would like the whole recruitment process managed on their behalf. With this option we will manage the whole recruitment process from start to finish. Grey Edge’s all-encompassing RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) Service facilitates the entire process of searching, testing, verifying, scheduling interviews, carrying out background checks and even the offer stage is managed by our crew of industry experts.

Apart from recruitment services, Grey Edge also offers several professional classes including internship courses in Mumbai that will help you get equipped with the required industry standards for future employment.

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