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How An Internship Opportunity In Mumbai Helps Architects Build A Better Career?

21 st October 2016

Architects are the force behind the creation of astounding buildings and structures. Huge construction projects including skyscrapers in big cities wouldn’t have been possible without them. While capitalism furthers the growth and affluence of the human race, tall buildings with beautiful designs and glory depict the magnificence. Looked upon as one of the chic professions for the elite class students, architecture has changed enormously in the last couple of decades where the demographic set up of students has changed dramatically and students from varied social background, streams and disciplines have come to join architecture colleges. Today, a career in architecture is quite attractive, rewarding and has lots of potential in terms of growth. Besides, the required criteria and some necessary skills are also needed for a career in architecture.

As planning and designing of buildings and structures are core parts of architecture, architects need to have a mental inclination and orientation to move forward in the career of architecture. Majority of architecture colleges in India provide education in architecture at undergraduate level and students with Mathematics at +2 level are preferred. One can prepare for an All India Entrance Exam soon after 10th class. After finishing graduation or during the time of graduation in architecture, students can also do an internship program in Mumbai either with some practicing architects or with an architecture firm to gain practical experience and better job prospects.

How Significant is an Architecture Internship for a better career?

Architecture internships are a significant stepping stone for understanding the services in connection with the planning, design and construction of a building or project. A student being part of an architecture internship typically requires supporting architects or design professionals building scale models, retouching design plans with AutoCAD, refurbishing urban housing projects or restarting old rural mansion projects and assisting with presentations to international clients.

Pay Structure

Initially, architects can easily earn in the range of INR 20,000 to 30,000 and the growth is registered after a couple of years. Students with work experience of more than 5 years can get a package in the range of INR 50,000 to 60,000. Further, with government and private real estate developers investing hugely, there is a good requirement for trained architects. If the candidate is from a premier Architecture College and has assisted a renowned architect for his/her internship then he/she stands to get a good architecture job in Mumbai with even higher pay. The demand for architects is expected to rise in the next couple of decades as India will soon start expanding FDI in real estate and will attract huge money from foreign companies.

Despite the fact that India has more than two hundred colleges which provide education in architecture, there is a severe shortage of trained architects who can fulfil the existing requirement. Further, with supply and demand not being balanced, this mismatch could widen up as urbanization, industrialization and the enhanced need for accommodation of all types is coming up in big way.

Students pursuing architecture can build a good career in the AEC industry with good qualification from a recognised institutes and if they assist a renowned architect for internship then they have a good chance of getting a higher reward structure too.

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