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How Do Internship Programs Complement Resumes?

25 th January 2019

Internship programs complement the course of study. It gives students an added advantage of making valuable contacts in different professional fields. Practical on-the-job training and resume-building occur together. Colleges courses teach theoretical knowledge. Internships are a source of training that provides practical industry experience to all students enrolled in the course.

Professional courses offered by institutes emphasise the need for internships. Courses in BIM Architecture, Autodesk and BIM MEP are incomplete without proper hands-on knowledge. Institutes that offer technical training are unable to provide real-life skills within a classroom environment. Internships help students gain valuable work experience. Several institutes offer a mix of classroom sessions with 2-month paid internship programs. Such programs boost individual morale. A combination of the two readies students with skill sets that will be in demand for years to come.

Internship programs involve students right from the design and planning stage to the development and closure stage of projects. This helps students learn the software, get acquainted with critical concepts and grasp the depth of pre-construction design phase. It is one of the best ways to determine whether a specific career is the right field for new joiners. Students can explore the workplace and see if it matches their expectations. Working with professionals help students gain better work insight. Companies that offer architectural internship courses supervise students. This helps achieve individual learning goals.

Supervisors end up becoming prospective mentors, not only during the internship program but throughout an individual’s career. Students opting for architectural internship programs from certified trainers get to work within a project environment. Leading BIM training centres design courses to help students put their best foot forward. Students are well informed about the latest technology, applications and their usage.

Institutes can only teach students how to use certain software. Internship programs help students apply tools they have learnt and create architectural plans, sections and elevations for real projects. Details of 3D models, rendering and walkthroughs are part and parcel of design-tech companies. Candidates capable of handling real-life projects are offered the majority of BIM jobs in Mumbai.

Internships allow access to unique projects in a professional atmosphere. While selecting employees for a project, organisations look for certain signs of achievements. Some of them include good communication skills, creativity, leadership, willingness to work hard and problem-solving skills. There may be several candidates with these skills. People who have actual experience working on a project through internships stand a better chance to be selected for the post.

Architectural internship courses build networking skills. They provide opportunities to meet industry professionals and gain new connections. They are the best way to acquire references for new jobs. Internships build experiences. Resumes that mention basic on-the-job experiences gain more attention. These courses are vital to succeed in a fast-paced professional environment. Interns can confidently face the prospect of joining companies they like. Employers use internships as a recruitment tool to hire deserving candidates after the successful completion of their courses. They are the building blocks on the foundation of student careers. Internships improve student chances as job applicants.

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