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How Esha Acquired BIM Expertise through Grey Edge

20 th July 2023

Esha (name changed) had completed her graduation in architecture and was eager to start working in the industry. However, recruiters pointed out her inability to apply software knowledge in AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) projects and her lack of BIM (Building Information Modelling) expertise.

At Grey Edge, she found a professional training environment and a supportive trainer she was comfortable with. Esha wanted to dive deep into the world of BIM and so enrolled for an architectural BIM internship course at Grey Edge.

This internship course involved working on multiple software that helped her understand the design and planning phase of the pre-construction process. During her internship, she worked on a 10-storey residential project. Her interest peaked when she worked on different façade designs. On course completion, she presented her project, which featured the changes on a building’s façade as a result of the changes in the sun’s direction.
Acquired BIM Expertise
When asked why she chose Grey Edge, she mentioned certain key points, such as:

  • The trainers at Grey Edge are patient and make the learning process comfortable.
  • When she communicated her areas of interest in the software, the trainers went above and beyond to help her master her software skills that focus on her interests.
  • The staff at Grey Edge are humble and made her 3-month journey at Grey Edge feel like a breeze.
  • The course content is structured so that each aspect of the software could be easily understood in-depth.

As she nears the end of her internship, she feels that she is now confident to work directly on projects with an AEC firm. The way Grey Edge has helped develop her software skills, she now finds it easier to apply for jobs.

Esha’s hard work and dedication paid off, as she was placed with a reputed AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) firm by Grey Edge.

To know more about this training course, call or send a WhatsApp message to our course counsellor on +91 7304942079.

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