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How To Find High Paying CAD Jobs In Mumbai?

17 th March 2017

CAD drafting is for those who like to think and design. Luckily, for CAD drafter there are varieties of fields to choose for to stand a chance for good CAD jobs in Mumbai. Architecture or engineering are the fields to choose from, each with its own salary opportunities and job growth statistics. Most CAD drafters hold a certificate or an associate’s degree.

CAD drafters make use of AutoCAD – Autodesk’s industry leading drafting as well as design software in order to prepare 2D as well as technical drawings. The drafters use these drawings as blueprints to construct products and structures, such as machinery, buildings, plumbing & electrical systems, microchips, toys, vehicles and a lot of other manufactured goods. AutoCAD drafting professionals hold an array of job titles including drafter, engineer, designer, estimator, modeller, illustrator or architect.

The best AutoCAD drafters combine attributes such as spatial relationships & creativity with analytical thinking and mathematics, to produce appealing and innovative designs. Whether your CADD (computer aided drafting and design) career path lies in architecture, civil engineering or even entertainment, AutoCAD provides you the power to bring your ideas to life. AutoCAD is considered to be the most popular CAD software with the maximum overall job market demand. There are also specific versions of AutoCAD and other Autodesk products specifically designed for drafters in particular job roles and industries.

Education Requirements for AutoCAD Drafter

Applicants that are trained in a recent version of AutoCAD or a specialized Autodesk drafting program, such as Revit Architecture, AutoCAD Civil 3D or 3ds Max are preferred for the positions of AutoCAD drafter. Depending on the type of CAD vacancies in Mumbai and the position you wish to get along with your preferred learning style, you can learn AutoCAD drafting in a two year program at a technical or trade school, as part of an associate or bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, or through a post-secondary diploma or certificate program.

Particular coursework and in-demand skill sets to look for in an AutoCAD drafting education program includes training in AutoCAD technologies, AutoCAD user interface (UI) training, knowledge of drafting standards & technologies, mechanical drawing, science, mathematics, engineering and art. For industry specific AutoCAD training programs, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Architecture and Civic Engineering are currently in highest demand.

High Paying Jobs for AutoCAD Drafters & Designers

According to a study, employment for drafters is projected to grow by 1% from 2017 through to 2022, slower than majority of IT career paths, however CAD drafters entering the field with appropriate AutoCAD training and career specializations will still have a great deal of job opportunities.

To get started in a CAD design career all that’s required is a certificate or associate’s degree program. A CAD designer can opt for their field depending on their interests such as working in medical or aerospace engineering. High paying jobs for CAD designers are also available in other fields such as architecture and construction.

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