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How To Find High-Paying CAD Jobs In Mumbai

20 th April 2018

Are you looking to start a highly paid career in the golden city, Mumbai? You can expect some good luck! CAD jobs enable trained professionals to earn high salaries and make a fortune! There is a shortcut for engineering or architectural candidates to earn a good income and progress in lucrative jobs. They simply have to complete a CAD internship course with intensive classroom training and can then look forward to a high-paying career in leading MNCs.

Find these CAD architectural internship courses in Mumbai:

  • Architectural BIM Internship Program
  • Architectural DesignTech Internship Program
  • Architectural BIM Internship Program

Another great career course is the Autodesk Certification Course in Mumbai.

CAD recruitment agencies in Mumbai offer placements for an array of professionals, such as:

  • Architectural, MEP, civil, structural design professionals
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) professionals
  • Graphic design professionals
  • Website design professionals
  • CAD engineers
  • CAD draftsmen
  • CAD designers
  • Architectural draftsmen

AutoCAD professionals can find rewarding jobs too. CAD jobs in Mumbai with ample vacancies are:

  • AutoCAD professionals
  • AutoCAD draftsmen
  • AutoCAD Solidworks mechanical design engineers

If you are an engineering or architectural professional, then there are plenty of opportunities to seek placement in Mumbai after the completion of CAD courses and internship programs. Multinational companies are keen to employ well-trained CAD professionals. They are ready to pay high remuneration for these trained candidates. Intensive classroom training and paid internships prepare professionals for competent careers in the CAD industry.

Middle East is a Hub for Well-paid CAD and AutoCAD Professionals

Many international companies are recruiting CAD professionals. Skilled professionals can gain experience with MNCs located in Mumbai and earn high remuneration. Then, they can also apply for high-remuneration jobs in multi-national companies located in the UAE. There are many career vacancies with multi-national companies in Dubai and other parts of the Middle East. These companies provide high remuneration and provide opportunities for a rewarding global career.

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