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How to Select the Right Online Course in Revit

14 th May 2020

‘Online’ – the go-to place for almost everything these days. Therefore, it’s no surprise that learning too has been flourishing online. We have a lot of time left on our hands during the lockdown. Some people fill their time by engaging in creative activities, such as baking, ‘dalgona’ coffee-making and taking up a course online. Erratic work schedules typically prevent us from upgrading our skill set and this spare time that we have is a rare commodity. Keeping busy with a lucrative option can be a wise choice.

During the current lockdown and social distancing norms, CAD/BIM training centres may not be able to run courses in the usual manner. Students have no choice but to stay at home and be safe. However, learning does not need to stop, and there are thousands of online courses available. Resourceful and well-administered CAD/BIM training centres have taken steps to conduct their courses online, some of which are Revit Architecture and Revit MEP.

As several CAD/BIM courses are offered online, how does one select the right course? The best way to select the right Revit online certification course is by answering the following questions:

Does the Course Offer an Autodesk Certification?

Before enrolling for a Revit Architecture or Revit MEP online course, make sure that the course offers an Autodesk course completion certificate. This certificate is extremely important, as it is proof that the course is industry-relevant and that the software was taught by an Autodesk-authorised training centre, which is an important factor for recruiters of CAD/BIM firms.

Is the Course Delivered by Industry-experienced Trainers?

Before enrolling for a Revit software online course, check if the course is delivered by an industry-experienced trainer. Such a trainer knows how the software is utilised by CAD/BIM firms for various projects. This helps students learn more than just about the software tools. They can also understand the real-time application of the software.

Will the Course Help in Securing a Job?

Let’s face it. We upgrade ourselves to land a better job or achieve higher salaries by increasing our value to the firms that we work in. Thus, selecting a course that will help secure a job or help upgrade oneself is vital. Most Autodesk-authorised training centres offer placement opportunities. Therefore, enrolling for an online course with such training centres helps in finding a job.

How Is the Course Structured?

On which online platform will the course be conducted? What is the duration of the course? What are its timings? Is the course going to be conducted live with the trainer? Are there pre-recorded videos that can be viewed at any time of the day? How many students do they have per batch? How easy will it be to communicate with the trainer for solving queries? These are all questions that must be answered before enrolling for any online Revit course.

If all the questions above are answered positively, then enrol for the course. In case of any other questions, please speak with the course counsellor. To enquire about CAD/BIM online courses offered by Grey Edge and to register for the same, visit https://www.grey-edge.com/register-online/ or WhatsApp +91 7304942079 today!

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