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How Your Résumé Can Attract Recruiters

9 th February 2021

Students and professionals, after completing a Revit Architecture course, rush to make their résumés, and it may include all the essential details. However, as recruiters get thousands of applications, how does a résumé get noticed?

Most of us pick a standard template online and make certain changes to it. That may have worked two decades ago, but not anymore. Recruiters today have an enormous pile of applications to go through. They seek profiles that bring something valuable to the table. Therefore, to get noticed, here are a few points to create that attention-worthy résumé. They are:

One Size Does Not Fit All

Every job application posted online has specific requirements. Sending out one standard résumé without tailoring it to the job specifications can be a big mistake. Before sending out a résumé, ensure that it addresses three vital questions, namely:

1. Is the résumé in alignment with the job profile?
2. Does it cater to the listed skill requirements?
3. Is the résumé providing solutions for the job requirement?

Keep It Simple

Bear in mind that the person reading your résumé may or may not be well versed with technical jargons. List all the technical skills but ensure that the résumé is easy to understand.


Select a design format that is neat, subtle and well bulleted. Keep all the information to the point. This helps the recruiter quickly gain information about a candidate.

Highlight Key Areas

Highlight the strengths and key accomplishments. Instead of listing positive qualities, list achievements, as they reflect a person’s ability to deal with challenges.

Typo Errors

Before sending out a résumé, ensure that it is proofread to avoid any spelling errors. Spelling errors create a bad impression and is often seen as a sign of carelessness.

Therefore, after completing an instructor-led Revit Architecture course in a classroom environment or attending Revit classes online, take time to carefully create a résumé. Remember to keep it short and simple, and for further assistance, contact the recruitment department of Autodesk Certified Training Centres.

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