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Internship Programs With Architectural & MEP Courses

20 th June 2018

Are you looking for a good career program with an internship? Then your search ends here…Opt for BIM internship programs. The BIM Internship programs for Architecture and MEP course offers both classroom training and paid internship program in top architectural MEP or BIM companies. MEP implies Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing engineering companies.

After offering top skills through classroom training, students are transferred to Architectural MEP or BIM companies for an internship. The classroom training program is conducted for two to four months and it covers 2D, 3D, 4D/ BIM workflow process. The duration of the paid internship is two months. Both the training programs enrich the experience of the candidates and offer invaluable experience. Gain rich professional training in classrooms planned to deliver high skills and expert knowledge in the innovative architectural designs. In the internship programs, candidates can grasp new skills common in the relevant industry and enforce their skills in professional roles. Now the internship program can offer comprehensive training in the pre-construction architectural designing and get you prepared for a challenging career in the Architectural and MEP domain.

While candidates across the globe are planning on new career roles, you too can gain from a rewarding career in innovative Architectural programs. The architectural domain is dynamically evolving. There are multi-million construction projects in progress offering a host of new careers in innovative design and development.

Plenty of candidates across the country and worldwide are opting for architectural internship courses and transforming their careers. Revit BIM training is rendering them professional skills in architectural industry and also imparting all information about the capabilities and features of the Revit software.

Architectural Internship courses

Among the architectural internship courses, Architectural BIM internship program is the premier option for aspiring candidates in the domain. You can learn multiple software in the internship program. These are:

  • AutoCAD 2D
  • Revit Architecture
  • A 360
Some of the important topics covered in this program are:

BIM process, Conceptual design of project, 2D designing and 4D construction, Simulation, estimation, energy and lighting etc. Aspiring candidates can seek the instruction of experienced trainers, follow their instruction and explanations to master all important concepts easily and also quickly.

After mastering the software, you get an opportunity to work with professionals and gain real work experience. The industrial exposure is highly useful to them during the early stages of their professional life. Thus, you can remain updated on the latest applications and developments in BIM or Building Information Modelling technology.

Now Architectural BIM internship program is introduced in Mumbai.

If Architectural BIM internship is not your choice, you can opt for MEP BIM internship program. You can become Certified professionals by joining the training program for MEP Building Information Modelling technologies.

The MEP BIM internship program imparts information on software such as:
  • AutoCAD 2D
  • Revit-MEP
  • A 360

There are plenty of important and interesting concepts covered in this program such as 2D Designing, Air Flow calculation, Cloud Collaboration, estimation, 3D architectural modelling etc.

After the completion of mastering software, get real and professional experience in the work environment and proceed in your new career, while the architectural domain manages multi-million cost projects, the career opportunities in this domain are never saturated. So join any architectural internship course and proceed with the internship program of your choice and build your new career.

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