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Online CAD Training Courses At Grey Edges’s Autodesk Authorised Training Centre

17 th February 2017

AutoCAD is primarily a 2D and 3D computer aided drafting software application used in the AEC sector to help the professionals prepare blueprints and other engineering plans. The term ‘Drafters’, is often referred to professionals using AutoCAD. You have probably come across 2D or 3D CAD programs if you work in MEP, architectural or structural engineering fields. With these programs, you can carry out tasks such as visualise concepts, design ideas through photorealistic renderings, and simulate how a design will perform in the real world. AutoCAD was one of the first CAD programs and till date it’s the most widely used CAD application.

Online CAD Training Programs

There are several institutes or centres offering training in the AutoCAD software. Grey Edge’s Autodesk Authorised Training Centre is definitely one of them. We have a range of architectural and MEP courses, including AutoCAD training courses, MEP training courses and Revit Architecture Training courses. These courses are designed keeping in mind the student’s aspiration in the AEC sector. A combination of physical and online training exemplifies what Grey Edge Training puts into its training programs while creating an ideal learning environment for the enrolled students.

We have Autodesk certified instructors on board who have expertise in providing online CAD training. Using many methods including concept demonstration, presentations, case studies, etc., our professionals strive to have more effective and interactive online training sessions. Grey Edge Training and Recruitment Centre has always strived to provide the best learning environment to the students that can be seen from the flexible timing options offered. We also provide a set of short term training programs to help our students stay up-to-date with new software updates. These programs are for one to two weekends.

Our online Revit training courses offer the students a great amount of flexibility of learning, working at a time to suit themselves from the comfort of their homes etc. These courses help them to get proficient at BIM and CAD skills. Grey Edge, our parent company has clients based in the US, UK, Australia and Canada besides India to whom they provide CAD, Revit MEP, etc., services. We have a very important role to play here, as we ensure that they have skilled and experienced professionals that they need. Wherever required, we also customise some portions of some of our courses to offer a more personalised and high quality training program for some particular clients.

With focus on providing the best talent to the AEC industry, Grey Edge training has always strived to offer the best training and curriculum for the aspired students. Understanding the demands of the students, we provide the flexibility and efficiency that at times can be unmatched with our competitors. Grey Edge’s Autodesk Authorised Training Centre has all the elements essential to provide online as well as offline training to its students that can help them achieve a successful career in the AEC industry.

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