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Robot Structural Analysis Training in Mumbai

27 th November 2018

Autodesk’s Robot Structural Analysis course benefits civil engineers and structural engineers. The course provides an in-depth understanding of building simulation and analysis tools. Students apply their intellect while receiving sound insight into concrete and steel design so that those on the job can easily visualise and apply the same concepts.

The course enhances computational analytical skills and prepares students for industry challenges. Conducted exclusively by Autodesk-certified trainers, these courses benefit from experienced and knowledgeable instructors. Some institutes make it mandatory for trainers to have completed the Robot Structural Analysis Professional course themselves.

Many Autodesk courses encourage new users to be a part of the programme. Similarly, Robot Structural Analysis Professional training makes it easy to understand navigation techniques, program configuration and menu systems. Several methods of data input and extraction is explained in simple language to avoid confusion. This software can be used by engineers working on both simple or complex designs.

The course, popularly known as R-SAP, has become an integral part of structural engineering. No longer are students considered competent enough immediately after obtaining basic engineering degrees. There have been tremendous technological innovations in recent times compelling numerous qualified engineers to undergo Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis training courses. After successful completion of these courses, students are further qualified and updated to deal with the evolving engineering industry.

Autodesk offers both classroom and online training. Classroom training is typically for those who can spare time during the week and attend the course. Online training generally caters to working professionals who can access the course anytime, anywhere, as per their convenience. This, however, varies from one institute to another. Revit structure training courses are popular across Mumbai. There are several institutes offering this course, but the fee structure depends on the level of training involved and the Institute chosen.

Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional software is considered to be an ideal add-on to Revit Structure. The training should ideally include Robot SAP, used to test the effects of various structural loads and verify compliances. Students are trained to use the BIM tool, making structural calculations easy. It is useful to ensure the accuracy and validity of the final structure.

Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis training courses are offered in various categories. There is a basic training course for new users to get accustomed to the software and an advanced level of training for those who want to brush up their existing skills. Autodesk’s free trial software is available for 30 days. It gives users enough time to understand the advantages of the course. After completion of a 30-day trial period, users must use the paid version. There are several online packages available also.

Revit Structure training courses include training on load combination, principles of steel and concrete design modules, the influence of defined parameters on the entire design process, elements of a model and creating a model structure at par with industry standards. These courses help engineers learn to perform comprehensive simulation in a minimum amount of time. Some institutes also provide reading material on Revit, which can act as a base for new users.

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