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Self-study During Self-quarantine

25 th March 2020

Summer vacations have arrived early this year for students. Coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill. Professionals have been asked to work from home and the trending word on everyone’s mind is COVID-19.

As being safe is critically important, government safety measures include self-quarantine, that has led to schools and colleges being shut, and offices in the private sector have been instructed to have 50% of their employees work from home.

If this time of social distancing is used wisely, students and professionals can utilise it to research how they can upgrade themselves in the coming months. As most people are busy meeting deadlines, whether its official or completing college assignments, they lack time to conduct a self-study on how to learn something new that will help them academically and professionally.

For users of CAD/BIM technology, upgrading is the need of the hour. If those that have enrolled previously for AutoCAD courses, the next wise step would be to enrol for a Revit training course. Similarly, several architectural design courses, 3ds Max courses and SketchUp training courses are readily available with Autodesk-certified CAD/BIM training centres.

As a trainer at Grey Edge, there are certain ways I can ensure that the course that is offered is worth joining. The points given below will provide a clear understanding of how one can identify the right training centre. Most CAD/BIM centres typically offer CAD/BIM courses in 4 broad domains. They are:

1. Internship Courses
2. Architectural Courses
3. MEP Courses
4. Structural Courses

Under each domain, various courses are offered as follows:

Internship Courses

Our CAD/BIM training centre offers various BIM certification courses that include a one-month internship with a reputed CAD/BIM firm. These BIM certification courses offer an Autodesk course completion certificate at the end of the course and also offer professional work experience, which is preferred by recruiters.

Architecture Courses

Some architecture design courses offered by CAD/BIM training centres are:

  • AutoCAD 2D Drafting
  • Revit Architecture
  • 3ds Max and V-Ray
  • SketchUp Pro and V-Ray
  • Photoshop
  • Corel Draw

In AutoCAD, 3ds Max and Revit Architecture, on course completion, students receive an Autodesk course completion certificate. On completing a SketchUp Pro course, students receive a Trimble certificate. These courses are conducted by industry-experienced trainers and are divided equally between theory and practical sessions.

MEP Courses

Several CAD/BIM centres offer MEP training courses. They too provide a course completion certificate and prefer a project-based training approach. Some popular MEP courses are:

  • Revit MEP
  • Navisworks

These courses can be quite technical and thus require a lot of practice. They are structured in a manner to include theory notes and are divided equally between theory and practical sessions.

Structural Courses

Structural courses help civil engineers analyse a building’s structure using analytical software. These courses include:

  • Revit Structure
  • Robot Structural Analysis (SAP)
  • Advance Steel

For civil engineers, enrolling for these courses is a must. They offer vital building structure information that proves beneficial during actual construction. These courses are Autodesk-certified, and trainers provide project-based training that makes tedious concepts seem easy.

Students and professionals enrolling for Revit training courses can appear for an Autodesk Professional exam. This exam is valued by recruiters both in India and abroad. Students pursuing their master’s certification abroad can mention this exam in their college applications.

Some students and professionals may not be able to attend these courses at Autodesk-certified training centres regularly. Bearing this in mind and working in a CAD/BIM training centre myself, the faculty members of these training centres offer courses online. Grey Edge offers its courses online through a platform launched recently known as iLEARN. We provide Navisworks now and soon will be offering most of our courses online on this platform. Students and professionals can study the course material on high definition videos created by our trainers. After completing a set of videos, they will have to schedule a practice session with us to more clearly understand how the software functions.

Thus, during this pandemic, students and professionals can look at the positive side of this situation and conduct research on courses that will be beneficial for them in the long run. Our training centre will ensure that once the situation improves, we will incorporate more students who wish to upgrade themselves on the latest software versions. Sales counsellors can guide students and professionals through WhatsApp and email and take early registrations for upcoming courses. This way, seats can be reserved on a priority basis to avoid the rush when the current situation settles. To register for Grey Edge’s CAD/BIM courses, please send a message on our WhatsApp number +91 7304942079. We will assist you in the best possible manner.

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