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SketchUp – The Most Preferred Tool Among Architects

24 th August 2018

As an artist, won’t you be comfortable with a design tool that breaks all traditions and allows you to draw freely? Don’t you think an illustrator should not have any limitations or boundaries attached? SketchUp is one such tool that has been widely accepted among designers because of its usability and reliability.

Design tools should be interesting and easy to use. It is very important for the learner to be attracted to the tool so that he gets a good hang of using the same. SketchUp is one such favourite choice among architects who use the software throughout their working tenure.

SketchUp was introduced in the year 2003 after a few architecture students realized the importance of having good standards of architectural visualization. Although they had other design software available, this one somehow shot to fame and became the most loved design tool.

Interior designers along with graphic designers followed suit and started to use the software more and more frequently. It not only eases learning but also gives a better picture of the drawing. Whether it is 2D or 3D, the software accommodates all designs and leaves an indelible imprint on the client. It gives the perfect page layout along with vector illustrations.

SketchUp Authorized Training Centre

If you want to brush up your designing skills or want to learn SketchUp, you can either enrol for an online course or search for a training centre near you. The online course would be self-explanatory. It would ask you to download a free trial of the software, after which you would be taken through its different modules and sessions.

A SketchUp authorized training centre would help you learn the tool with the help of a tutor. At the end of the course, the institute would hand over a completion certificate that would further assist you in your place of work. Some companies are stringent on getting the certification and recommend certain institutes from where you can learn the tool locally.

It is believed that any design drawn using SketchUp is easy to relate and understand. Clients often acquire a better picture and get to know what exactly to expect. The software accommodates last minute changes and saves a lot of time and effort too. It allows the designer to communicate directly in a 2D or a 3D model that holds immense clarity in the eyes of the viewer.

Although there are many centres where you can learn SketchUp, V Ray Training Centre is one such institute that offers best practical as well as theoretical training. The centre specializes in offering SketchUp courses for all age groups. So whether you are new to the designing world, or want to improve your drawing skills, V Ray trainers would assist you to the best of their knowledge.

Many CAD/ BIM professionals have also started to try their hands on learning this designing software.

SketchUp helps to add life to your designs. Graphic designers, interior designers and architects can be now confident and relax as their designs will be able to speak and convey the message clearly.

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