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What Aarav Liked about Our Revit MEP Course

20 th November 2019

The need of the hour is skills. The more proficient the resources are, the more variety of projects a firm can accept. To cite a recent student experience, let me tell you the story of Aarav (name changed), who recently took a course at Grey Edge.

Aarav has worked with AutoCAD for 15 years. His previous firm wanted to take on Revit projects. Unfortunately, Aarav wasn’t familiar with ‘Revit’. The firm insisted that he undergo training in Revit.

So, Aarav decided to learn Revit from a freelancer. Due to Aarav’s erratic work hours and the freelancer’s lack of availability during Aarav’s preferred time, the teaching method was completely mismanaged. Understanding Revit became a challenge, and Aarav decided to look for other training options.

Aarav heard about Grey Edge through a friend. He suggested that Aarav enrol with Grey Edge, since the friend liked the way the course was structured. His friend also went on to become the ‘Student of the Month’ (an event held every month in Grey Edge, where a student is felicitated for his/her exceptional test scores, project work and regular attendance through the course).

Implementing his friend’s advice, Aarav enrolled for a Revit MEP course with us. On his first day, Aarav breathed a sigh of relief. In the introductory lecture, Aarav was taught the function of each tool and the user interface of Revit MEP. This helped him understand the function of each tool in detail.

The course went on for a month, and Aarav was learning Revit MEP in a structured manner. The course was divided equally between theory and practical sessions. For each topic, students were provided theory notes. On completion of a topic, students were allotted practical sessions to practice the material taught during the theory sessions.

Aarav began to enjoy his training. At Grey Edge, towards the end of any course, students must work on a project and present it to the trainers. This would be assessed by the trainers to see whether it could contribute to deciding the ‘Student of the Month’.

As Aarav started work for his final project, he faced certain challenges. To help him overcome these challenges, Aarav was helped by the available trainers, who motivated him to execute his project idea. Aarav was delighted by the encouragement from the trainers and requested for extra practice time to work on his project.

The result was that Aarav went on to become the ‘Student of the Month’. He shared his experience with us and stressed the fact that Revit MEP jobs are in demand and that it was vital for those in the AEC industry to upgrade themselves. Firms are constantly hunting for resources that are acquainted with the latest software version.

There were a few points during his Revit MEP training with Grey Edge that Aarav stressed on:

  • The trainers at Grey Edge are extremely approachable. They are patient and determined to help with any problem faced during the course.
  • The course is divided equally between theory and practical sessions. This was highly beneficial to understand complex concepts in Revit MEP.
  • The theory notes were easy to understand and reliable.
  • The faculty accommodated requests for extra practice time.

Like Aarav, Grey Edge encourages other students and professionals to enrol with us to upgrade themselves on the latest AEC software. The way our courses are structured and executed by our industry-experienced trainers helps students and professionals feel at ease, even though they are unfamiliar with the software. To enquire how Grey Edge can help you apply for Revit MEP jobs in Mumbai and about our other CAD/BIM courses, please visit our Goregaon centre in Mumbai. We will be more than happy to be at your service.

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