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What Are the Best e-learning Courses for the Pre-construction Industry?

23 rd July 2020

Lack of time – the most-used excuse to not pursue any additional activity. A nine-to-five job takes most of our time, and the rest is typically spent on recreation. A pandemic has opened our eyes to doing things that we never had the time for. Cooking, drawing, painting and exploring anew skill has become the new normal. E-learning has emerged as one of the most preferred stay-at-home activities for many.

Students and professionals seek to achieve new academic and professional goals. To reach new milestones, upgrading to the latest trends is vital. In the pre-construction industry, a resource is termed valuable if they acquire the latest software knowledge. This enables pre-construction firms to look for diverse projects.

Autodesk-authorised training centres understand the on-the-job skills required in the pre-construction industry and are aware of the growing importance of Revit. Therefore, Autodesk-authorised CAD/BIM training centres offer Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Revit Structure online courses.

As e-learning has emerged as the new, safe and convenient mode of learning, CAD/BIM training centres, such as Grey Edge, are offering Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Revit Structure online courses through its e-learning platform iLEARN.

iLEARN is an e-learning platform where students and professionals can watch high-definition videos on Revit. There are e-learning courses available for Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Revit Structure. These courses cover a wide range of topics. On completing a group of topics, course students undergo practical sessions to understand the course material in detail. Easy-to-follow theory notes and Autodesk course completion certificates are also offered.

iLEARN courses are designed to suit every student’s/professional’s vocational needs. As recruiters from pre-construction firms prefer Autodesk-certified Revit professionals, iLEARN courses are designed to train such professionals. On completion of an iLEARN course, students and professionals are well-versed with Revit and are capable of working on projects the moment they are hired by the firm.

To learn more about iLEARN and the courses available, feel free to connect with Grey Edge’s course counsellors. Get in touch by sending an enquiry on our WhatsApp no. +91 7304942079 or email at info@grey-edge.com.

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