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What Happens to Students in the Grey Edge BIM MEPF Coordination Course?

10 th December 2019

‘Do you have prior work experience?’ is a question that recruiters typically ask. Being a trainer in the field of CAD/BIM for several years, I have observed that this is the main reason that students enroll for Grey Edge’s BIM Internship Training in Mumbai.

Addressing this major concern of students, Grey Edge devised a Revit MEP course that specifically caters to this need. On September 10, 2019, the maiden batch of students started Grey Edge’s new course, ‘BIM MEPF Coordination Course with Internship’. This course aims to train aspiring MEPF professionals to create coordinated and clash-free BIM MEPF 3D models using Revit and Navisworks. On completion of two months’ training with Grey Edge, students have an opportunity to work with industry experts, specifically, our parent firm, XS CAD. In addition to work experience, this course offers other benefits. They are:

  • Careers as potential BIM MEP modellers, MEP BIM managers, MEP BIM documentation specialists, MEP BIM draftsmen/technicians.
  • Internationally acclaimed Autodesk certification for Autodesk Revit and Navisworks
  • Training provided by industry experts
  • Course content partnership with XS CAD – a leading global BIM/MEP/CAD firm
  • Access to Grey Edge’s large industry network for job assistance

Six goal-oriented students who completed this course were felicitated at the Grey Edge training centre and were ready to begin their internship with XS CAD. On completing any course with Grey Edge, students must create a PowerPoint presentation that showcases their project work and share their learning experience with Grey Edge.

A week before their internship was due to begin, these six students presented their project work and shared their learning experience to other students and the trainers in the presence of faculty members. Their experiences during the course were as follows:

Vikas* enrolled with Grey Edge when he heard about the training centre from a friend, who is presently working with XS CAD. He was aware about Revit and its applications and enrolled for the course, as it offered one month’s work experience with industry experts – an experience that he was frantically looking to add to his résumé. After passing the entrance interview required for this course, his training commenced. Towards the end of the course, Vikas started working on his final project. Using Navisworks to test for clashes in his Revit MEP model, the test revealed about 500 clashes. Two tests were conducted within the span of one day. After rectifying the clashes that appeared in these two tests, additional clashes were found. On conducting the third test, all the clashes were resolved. He stated that this course taught him the latest industry standards that, in turn, helped him stay abreast of the upcoming industry standards required for Revit MEP jobs that would be implemented in the years to come.

Jayesh* worked as an HVAC engineer on site for eleven months. However, with time, he felt his growth was stagnant. Similar to Vikas, he too heard about Grey Edge through a friend currently working with XS CAD. During his final presentation, he stressed how this entire course training was project-based, enabling him to understand the latest industry standards required by AEC firms.

Pravin* was working as an AutoCAD draftsman and had only worked with AutoCAD. He heard about the growing importance of Revit and decided to undergo Revit MEP training. He too learnt about Grey Edge from a friend working in XS CAD and realised that the BIM MEPF Coordination Course with internship was unique and not available at any other CAD/BIM training centre in Mumbai. He pointed out the patience shown by the trainers whenever he requested for the explanation of a difficult concept. The trainers were kind enough to explain the concept repeatedly until the concept was clearly understood.

Gaurav* worked as a production supervisor and, prior to that, worked as an AutoCAD draftsman for about a year and a half. Learning about Grey Edge from a friend, Gaurav enrolled for this course, as he wanted to upgrade his software skills from AutoCAD to Revit. However, a major challenge for him was that his office hours clashed with his course hours. So, Gaurav chose to resign from his job, a risk he was willing to take, as he knew that completing this course would offer him better job opportunities. He mentioned that some of his main take-aways from the course was to be disciplined and value time. The immense patience shown by the trainer while he explained a complex ‘piping’ concept is something he will cherish for a long time.

After acquiring his BE Mechanical degree, Saransh* took up his first job as an HVAC site engineer. On the job, he heard his colleagues stress the value of learning Revit and MEP coordination. Thus, he started his search online for a Revit MEP training centre in Mumbai and found Grey Edge. On visiting the training centre, the course counsellor suggested this course to him based on his educational qualifications. However, his work hours were clashing with the practical sessions of the course. Since his site was located near the training centre, Saransh decided that after attending the theory sessions, he would head towards the work site. Since he had missed quite a few practical sessions, he couldn’t spend time practicing the software. He was extremely grateful to his batch mates and the trainer, who were kind and patient enough to teach him all that he missed. He thanked the faculty members for giving him an opportunity to enrol for this course, as this learning experience had opened different career opportunities that he could take advantage of, thanks to the work experience offered in this course.

The last student to present his work was Rohan*. After pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering, he worked as a maintenance service engineer for three years. Completely unfamiliar with Revit and realising its growing importance in the HVAC industry, Rohan wanted to learn this software. He searched for a Revit training centre online and found Grey Edge. Soon, he visited the training centre, where the course counsellor suggested that this course would be perfect for him, based on his educational and professional qualifications. In the two-month training period at Grey Edge, Rohan learnt about the importance of Navisworks for creating coordinated and clash-free MEP models. Navisworks was a challenge for Rohan, however he mentioned that the trainer was patient and helped him cope with crucial and complex concepts.

This course provides an excellent growth opportunity all MEP professionals. Through this unique course, you can fulfil the most important criteria for recruiters, i.e. work experience. You can learn from a trainer who has industry experience, which is applied while providing software training. This should leave no doubt why this course is worth investing in.

To know more about the course and to schedule a meeting with our course counsellor, send us an enquiry on www.grey-edge.com

*All names have been changed to protect the privacy of the students.

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