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What Makes Project-based Training Centres More Effective?

19 th August 2019

An important advantage search engines have given us today is ‘accessibility’. They provide access to a world of information. Thus, learning today has transferred to an online base. Online courses have given students the access to learn anything as per their availability and time.

Today, anyone can use the Internet to learn and become an expert in many software tools. However, along with online learning, there are other modes of learning used to learn a software. Each have their own pros and cons. They are:


Books provide information in an organised manner. Topics are spread over different chapters, and each chapter is explained in detail, with diagrams and steps. For those learning from scratch, books can provide the necessary introduction to the software by giving a brief history about how the software is initiated. While reading a book, the time and pace to learn the software can be decided by the reader.

Books also have certain limitations. For one, every year, software(s) are updated, and the new tools aren’t mentioned in a book that was written a year before the software update. This runs the risk of information from a book becoming outdated. Books also don’t offer the opportunity to solve software-related queries. Books lack the ability for interaction and solving of queries in real time.

Online Learning

Online training has emerged as a boon for people across the globe. The information provided in an online course is accessible 24/7, and learning can take place at any time of the day. Moreover, the cost associated with online courses is minimal, and explaining course material through interactive videos makes learning fun and interesting.

During online learning, one of the major drawbacks could be the lack of network connectivity. The risk of servers being down and slow internet speed can cause frustration during the process of learning. In case of software(s), practice is required. Some software(s) are quite expensive to purchase. Thus, practicing the material learnt online may become challenging.

Training Centres

Training centres give students the opportunity to interact with trainers and solve queries on the spot. These centres provide access to the software and thus enable students to practice what is learnt and ask questions if they face difficulties. The learning process in training centres is on a personal level. Students can bond with the trainers and can explore career options with the trainers based on their skills and interests.

Training with a Project

In the field of construction, architects typically require their designs to be drafted using a specialised software known as AutoCAD. To learn this software, many CAD training centres provide certified CAD training courses in Mumbai.

For individuals to learn the software more effectively, CAD training centres offer training with a project that has been worked on previously by industry experts. This provides a host of benefits. They are:

  • While working on a project, students learn how to utilise the software in different ways to solve project glitches.
  • Students get an opportunity to identify their strengths and problem-solving abilities.
  • Project-based training provides insight into how projects are dealt with on the job.
  • Students gain their certification and have experience in working on an industry project. This experience, when added to their résumé, becomes a key criterion for recruiters.

The modes of learning may be many, but to learn about and use a software, it is preferable to attend a course in a training centre, with a trainer who is well-experienced and knowledgeable about the software. This training method is reliable, as the learning process is interactive. Working on a project, while attending the software courses offered by CAD training courses in Mumbai, provides different perspectives to utilise the software tools. An actual project helps utilise every tool of the software. This process not only provides experience in using the applications, but also helps the student be creative. This would not have been possible by reading a book or with an online course.

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