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Why Taking an Autodesk-certified Exam Is Advantageous

13 th January 2020

A certificate acts as a stamp of credibility. It represents authenticity for recruiters looking for qualified candidates. Being a manager in an Autodesk CAD training centre in Mumbai, I have seen first-hand the extent to which students and professionals trust the expertise imparted at our CAD/BIM training centre, because we are an Autodesk-certified training centre. Similarly, after successfully passing an Autodesk-certified professional exam, the work experience of students and professionals gain credibility when assessed by recruiters.

So, what options of Autodesk-certified professional exams are available?

Autodesk provides an online certificate exam in the following five domains:

1. AutoCAD
2. Revit Architecture
3. Revit Mechanical
4. Revit Electrical
5. Revit Structure

These exams can be taken using metric units (millimetres, centimetres and metres) or in imperial units (feet, inches). Usually, students and professionals, who have at least one year’s experience working on any of the above-mentioned Autodesk software tools, are recommended to take this examination. Each domain has a different exam with unique content. The exam consists of 35 questions. The passing mark is 70%, i.e. the candidate must attain a minimum score of 700/1000. Each question must be answered within four to five minutes online. There are no multiple-choice questions. To answer the online questions, the candidate must open different files, work on those files as directed and then return to the main dashboard and answer the question.

What are the benefits of taking this exam?

Usually on completing any CAD/BIM course, an Autodesk course completion certificate is awarded to the student. However, passing this examination means the student will be given an Autodesk-certified professional certificate. After passing this exam, a unique identity number is generated, which is recognised worldwide. This number may be added to his/her résumé. Recruiters can find the person’s qualification online by looking for this unique identity number and reading information about his/her skills.

Passing this examination holds value abroad as well. Students applying for their master’s degree overseas may mention this certification during their admission procedure. Working professionals can utilise this certificate while looking for jobs abroad, as it is recognised by recruiters globally. Professionals applying to MNC firms in India can benefit from this certification too.

Why take this exam at Grey Edge?

Grey Edge is an Autodesk training and certification centre in Mumbai that offers various CAD/BIM training courses in its Goregaon (East) training centre. On enrolling for any Autodesk course, along with a course completion certificate, Grey Edge offers its students an opportunity to appear for an Autodesk-certified professional exam at no additional cost. As this exam is time-bound and since 90% of students fail to pass this exam during the first attempt, Grey Edge, unlike other training institutes, offers students the chance for a second attempt at no extra cost, if they have scored 50% or above in the first attempt. For those who wish to take this examination without enrolling for a course with Grey Edge, the examination fee is between ₹2,500 to ₹3,500.

Here is how Grey Edge students Amit and Sachin fared in their Autodesk exam:

Amit had enrolled for a Revit Architecture course, and Sachin had enrolled for a Revit MEP course with us. After completing their respective courses, both appeared for their different exams. On their first attempt, both were on edge, since they focused on attempting as many questions as possible within the given time. In the first attempt, Amit scored 555/1000 and Sachin scored 644/1000. They felt that the difficult questions appeared early on and the easy ones appeared towards the end, giving students an opportunity to score as much as they could towards the end. After understanding how the exam worked, they took the exam again . Without succumbing to the pressure of time, both scored above 700/1000 and passed their exams. Grey Edge was proud to felicitate both with their Autodesk certificates. To view the felicitation ceremony, click on the video below.

To learn more about iLEARN and the courses available, feel free to connect with Grey Edge’s course counsellors. Get in touch by sending an enquiry on our WhatsApp no. +91 7304942079 or email at info@grey-edge.com.

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