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Architectural BIM Technologies: What You Need to Know to Stay Ahead

18 th June 2024

To stay competitive in any industry, a robust skill set is essential. In the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry, architects proficient in Building Information Modelling (BIM) are favoured over those who lack this expertise, especially in multidisciplinary projects. Here’s why it’s crucial for architects to understand BIM technology and how mastering it can elevate their careers.

Over the years, BIM technology has created a fundamental shift in how buildings are designed, constructed and managed. By mastering BIM Revit training, architects can create comprehensive digital representations of the physical and functional characteristics of buildings. This leads to more efficient planning, design, construction and management of buildings. Further, BIM processes facilitate:

  • A collaborative environment, where architects, engineers and contractors can work together seamlessly
  • Creation of detailed 3D models that provide a realistic visualisation
  • Streamlined workflows by automating routine tasks and providing accurate data, leading to faster project completion times and reduced labour costs
  • Improved analyses of environmental impacts, helping architects design more sustainable buildings
How a BIM Internship Course Can Benefit Architects

To gain a comprehensive understanding of BIM, enrolling in a BIM internship course is invaluable. Such courses offer hands-on experience, enabling architects to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world projects. Additionally, BIM internship courses help develop essential skills, such as model creation, clash detection and data management. These skills are highly sought after by recruiters in the AEC industry, significantly enhancing an architect’s employability.

Why Enroll for a BIM Internship Course with Grey Edge?

Grey Edge, a leading CAD/BIM training centre, offers a comprehensive Architectural BIM Technologies course tailored to equip architects with the essential skills to excel in the BIM domain. The course includes:

Intensive Training: Four months of rigorous training covering all aspects of BIM technology, from basic concepts to advanced applications

Paid Internship: Two months of full-time, hands-on experience working on mid-scale commercial projects

Professional Schedule: Classes run from Monday to Friday, providing a structured and immersive learning environment with instruction from BIM specialist trainers

Grey Edge’s Architectural BIM Technologies course combines a thorough curriculum, experienced instructors and the opportunity to gain practical work experience alongside other BIM professionals. To learn more about how this course can advance your career, call us at +91 7304942079.

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