Revit Structure or Revit Architecture – Which Is Ideal for Civil Engineers?

Several Autodesk Certified Training Centres (ATCs) offer Revit BIM training courses in Revit Architecture and Revit Structure for civil engineers. However, which one is an ideal choice based on their career goals? Here are a few points that help in making the right choice.

A structural designer with work experience in the structural design field should opt for Revit Structure, as it provides an opportunity to create 3D models, generate 2D drawings and GfC (Goods for Construction) drawings, BOMs (Bill of Materials), BOQs (Bill of Quantities) and biometric schedules that provide in-depth information for structural construction projects.

For a fresh graduate, who is an early entrant to the AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) industry, it is recommended to learn Revit Architecture to familiarise themselves with construction terminology and to identify their areas of interest.

For example, if someone is good at visualisation or rendering, they can work in architectural design projects using Revit Architecture. However, if they are inclined towards structural design, they can then switch back to learning Revit Structure easily, as they are accustomed to the software interface and tools in Revit Architecture.

To know more about which software is suitable for civil professionals and which Revit BIM training course is ideal to have a successful career in the AEC industry, get in touch with Grey Edge’s course counsellor by sending a WhatsApp message to +91 7304942079.

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Rohit Tandon

Trainer at Grey Edge
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